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[WMA] Meet the players: Thylen |

Gepubliseer in Germany - Sosiale interaksies en vermaak - 24 - 04 May 21 00:01


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Kommentaar (24)

04 May 21 00:03

first denied :3

04 May 21 00:04

vote and sub njabz

04 May 21 00:14

Voted, you are a player which I fought against, but I respect a lot o7

04 May 21 00:34

What a perfect guy o7

04 May 21 00:58

Virtus did not misinform anynone about those issues. I give my permission, both Thylen and Flash Baron can share logs. I respect every decision (alliance-change etc) in this game, there is just no need to lie about reasoning. And it is just absurd to blame anyone else now for misinforming etc. Good interview Ahileus.

04 May 21 01:12

One of most interesting interviews yet

04 May 21 01:20
Nesalomiv II

Great article, see the huge effort. I hope there will be a lot of articles like this, I wish you a lot of success.

04 May 21 01:59
Winston Hope Smith

Great interview... ...disagreements between me and Secret Melody well who could of foreseen that happening :)

04 May 21 04:59

my boy, kumans luves u

04 May 21 05:07

See, this is what I mean by delicate topic Kinyas. Im not blaming anyone, and I never specifically said that VIRTUS misinformed anybody. You were the most understanding person out of all and tried to mitigate the situation, Ive seen it with my own eyes and I respect You for that. The misinformation was cause by people coming to conclusions without hearing both sides first and then the rest followed and started insulting. Only a couple people actually came to me to hear my story, and I was glad to share it. Thanks for the interview Ahileus, it was very interesting :)

04 May 21 05:19

Good man. Lol i thought you were like 30-ish or something xD

04 May 21 05:30


04 May 21 05:54

Thylen o7

04 May 21 06:51


04 May 21 07:29

who is the guy with Tilen pointing his finger in the first pick? :D Hail Thylen! respect bro! o7

04 May 21 11:25

v Thylen, one of the most transparent and decent players in game.

04 May 21 12:20

Thank you for your kind words friends O7

04 May 21 12:23

Thylen the seksiest kranjski kolbas

04 May 21 12:27

Great interview! Probably the best till now.

04 May 21 12:48
Deadly Emperor

Great president o7

04 May 21 13:03
Ebu Hamza

realy a nice guy and leader o7

04 May 21 13:09
Calvin Candie


04 May 21 21:51
Flash Baron

o7 Thylenーさん

05 May 21 16:42
Buckwheat McCoy