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Balea Lake is a glacier lake in the Fagaras Mountains (not too far away from Poenari Castle), located in the central area of Romania. Anyone can easily rent a car in Romania and drive on the Transfagarasan Highway during the summer, and for the colder months, by cable car from Balea. Well worth the drive, everyone who visits is blown away by the stunning scenery. Stay in one of the few hotels in the area and visit the restaurants that allow you to look out onto rolling mountains and gleaming lake.

Santorini, Greece
This crescent-shaped volcanic island in the Aegean Sea is honeymoon gold. Why? We chalk it up to those fabulous black-pebble and red-sand beaches, iconic whitewashed buildings that cling to precipitous rocks overlooking the underwater caldera, that iconic blue-domed monastery (and Instagram mecca), and those legendary sunsets from its main town of Oia.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
One of of the most beautiful places in the world can be found in Tanzania, Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is not only Africa’s highest peak, it’s a dormant volcano and world’s tallest free-standing mountain. Its beauty comes from its landscape that is flat on either side of the peak and can be seen across several countries in Africa. Pair it with lions, giraffes and elephants and it’s the perfect backdrop for your next African safari.

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Travel to Scotland and experience the beautiful landscape known as the Isle of Skye. Found on Scotland’s second largest islands, the area is filled with jagged mountain peaks and sea cliffs that tower over the Atlantic Ocean. Its vast landscape is the perfect spot for a road trip around the island to see Scottish castles, local beaches, fishing towns and plenty of wildlife (including eagles, whales and dolphins

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Bolivia is home to the largest salt flats in the world. The views of Salar de Uyuni are surreal, making it hard to believe that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world that actually exists. Over the years, the salt found in this lake has turned into a unique desert-like landscape that mirrors the sky. Put aside some extra time when you visit. You’ll end up having hours of fun because of the illusions, capturing some insta-worthy shots.

Canaima National Park, Venezuela

Canaima National Park is known for two things: Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall, and the plateau-like formations known as tepuis. The most spectacular of these is Mount Roraima, which has steep cliffs on three sides and lies on the borders between Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.


Tusheti is located in the northeastern corner of Georgia, and bordered by the Russian Republics of Chechnya and Dagestan to the north and east. Hidden between pristine mountain peaks and valleys of the Caucasus, it has become one of the most welcoming destinations for long hikes and trekking. There is only a single 4-wheel-drive-accessible road through the 2900-meter Abano Pass from Kakheti that leads there. The weather can vary, so make sure you are well-equipped
for the cold nights (even during summer).


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18 Jun 21 00:39

Balea lake looks to turistic to be able to find peace....

18 Jun 21 01:09
Thomas Crown

Ra lamaziaaa, Tushetiiiiii

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18 Jun 21 06:33

Believe me, Balea has not been a quiet place for long time ago. if you didnt know where you are, you could easily confuse the place with a car market( second hand, of course :D ).

18 Jun 21 06:57

@alcide You seem to know better. When I saw this photo I somehow perceived it as a quiet place and then I found brief information about this place :)

18 Jun 21 06:57


18 Jun 21 07:49

8.The cemetery U forgot o7

18 Jun 21 08:02

@Komita hahah It was funny I would choose another place for peace because sooner or later we will all get to the cemetery :D

18 Jun 21 09:46
Caesar Octavius Augustus

Lovely. PS: I cant help not noticing but as soon as someone says or shows something nice about Romania, one Romanian must come over there and throw a lot of garbage related to that beatuful place. Typical for a lot or Romanians, I guess. Lets not be proud about our places, lets tell the others that place is a shitty place! well done, alcide, well done!

18 Jun 21 12:04

No Açores ? Nahhh

18 Jun 21 13:43

wow, nice stuff, thanks

19 Jun 21 02:21

@Caesar Octavius Augustus, precisely because I love the mountain, I tell you that that area is no longer a quiet place.unfortunately ! and it is strictly the fault of the filthy tourists who have far too easy access there!

19 Jun 21 07:36
Caesar Octavius Augustus

You are missing the point, alcide! :) I know that area as well. Guess what. If you have been there, you are a tourist yourself! :)