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Regenerating flatworms

These creepy crawlers, also known as planarian worms, are famous for their regeneration abilities, where a worm cut across or lengthwise can form two separate worms. This apparently limitless regeneration also applies to aging and damaged tissue, allowing the worms to cheat death indefinitely, according to a study at the University of Nottingham.

Tree Weta/zombie Bugs
Lifespan: Immortal unless predation
These bugs are very resilient to freezing as they have special proteins in their blood that prevents this from happening. While their hearts and brains are not that resistant to freezing and can die when completely frozen, they can be ‘revived’ to life when thawed out.

Radiation-resistant bacterium

Deinococcus radiodurans, a poly-extremophilic bacterium, isn’t only radiation-resistant. These immortal animals can also die and come back to life thanks to their incredible DNA repair response. According to Ira S. Pastor, CEO of Bioquark inc., “ can survive cold, dehydration, vacuum, and acid, and been listed as the world’s toughest bacterium.” The Guiness book of records even says they “can resist 1.5 million rads of gamma radiation, about 3,000 times the amount that would kill a human!”

Immortal Lobsters
Lifespan: 100+ years unless predation
Scientists suggested that through time, some lobsters can persist and even increase their fertility because of a certain enzyme called telomerase. This enzyme repairs the lost sections of the DNA; hence, “aged” cells are again reverted to being young. Though such process renders them to stay “deathless“, the exact life span of a lobster is difficult to determine because of the regular molting of exoskeleton.

Sturdy turtles
Slow and steady really does win the race. Turtles have been known to live for centuries, and researches have found that their organs don’t seem to break down over time. THE NEW York Times reports that turtles might even be able to live indefinitely if they are able to avoid predators and disease. In other words, they definitely have a potential to be immortal animals. While the lifespan of these turtles is definitely impressive, These 12 animals that learn faster than humans are just as incredible as immortal turtles.

Red sea urchin
Lifespan: 200+ Years
Living on seaweeds in shallow waters, Mesocentrotus franciscanus or the red sea urchin is considered to be “practically immortal“. Although amazing as it may sound, scientists say these urchins can never stop growing but don’t get old. While they can live up to more than a hundred years old, some may reach up to 200 years, given that the environmental conditions are good.

Lifespan: Immortal unless disease or predation
Did you ever wonder if you could go back to being a child? This species of jellyfish can! Found in the waters of Japan and Mediterranean sea, the immortal jellyfish is the only animal which can go back to being sexually immature after reaching maturity. This process can be indefinite as long as the jellyfish doesn’t die of either disease or predation.

Anything that tries to kill a tardigrade will quickly realize they encountered practically immortal animals. These creatures are capable of sticking around for thousands of years or even indefinitely “by entering a state of cryptobiosis, whereby their metabolism comes to a halt,” says Pastor. In addition to being extremely difficult to kill, here’s everything you need to know about The most indestructible species on the planet


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