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We need a serious change, in order to play seriously, says ‘Extint Bleedem’ |

Gepubliseer in Spain - Sosiale interaksies en vermaak - 18 - 05 Aug 21 00:14

Ohrid, 5 August (Novinky) — The issue of the game inactivity and requests for improvements are constant things in the game chat of eDominations. According to some players, the game needs some major changes to boost it up, and with this statement agrees the Spain-based player Extint Bleedem.

Speaking for ‘Novinky’, he sends a message to the Admin that ‘we need a serious change, a motive in order to play seriously and to stop farming’.

His story with the game begins in the start of 2019. When the pandemic hit, he explains that he started playing again actively, some 4-5 hours a day on average, and is focused in the politics and military sections.

However, what he is worried about is the ‘difficult position of the game because of inactivity’.

“I clearly miss the last spring. Maybe I didn’t have much strong account but the game had more people and fun”, says ‘Extint Bleedem making a nostalgic parallel between these two periods.

According to him, the game started losing people since the last summer, when, how he says in that period, ‘old ATLAS was login the world war’, one year ago.

“The decline started the summer and ended at around December. These dates are mostly for the Spanish community but the world community is around there too. Since December we have decline of activity of course, but not so much as the mentioned period”, he adds.

Yet, he thinks that the reason behind this was that the game ‘became monotonous and boring’, adding that there weren’t major changes that could unlock more paths to one player, like economic roles, or something else.

Additionally he also comments for ‘Novinky’ that the VIRTUS embargo made a lot of people leave the game, because of some, how he says ‘differences with the Admin’. That embargo, according to him, was because of the pack limitation and the name change of Macedonia.

“There was an announcement from VIRTUS HQ that they will 2click till their demands are fulfilled. Only Slovenia didnt support the announcement from the country-members”, he adds.

As stated by ‘Extint Bleedem’, the players got bored because of the lack of major changes.

“Also, we can see many players returned to game at 2020, due to Covid-19 quarantine (like me) now have quit to return to their ‘normal’ lives, as the virus is weakened. So, their return to the game was temporary and maybe the game didn’t convince them to keep playing”, he adds.

He was also asked by ‘Novinky’ to specify, whether he considers that after the summer period, the activity would grow, answering that he doesn’t that that there will be some activity boom.

“Call me pessimistic but with the current circumstances it’s very difficult to make people keep playing. Firstly, we have to make old players come back and then target to bring new players”, he adds.

In this period, according to him, whatever the Admin would do, as he says ‘it will be meaningless’.

“I heard for some major changes some months ago but without any update on these. They have to make the game more interesting and intriguing and the people that are playing currently to help the new players/ the old players that come back”, he points out hoping that some changes would be implemented in the following period.


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Mrs Petros

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Pedro Sanchez


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that s too srs like srs Sam

05 Aug 21 00:34

People lost will to play because you could see 3 players hit unlimited 24/7 (auto clicking and unlimited packs) and 200 people could not win against them

05 Aug 21 00:36

damn serious man

05 Aug 21 00:38
El Greco

That’s not true. We all saw the outcome of the start of Swedish campaign where Sweden was in the verge of wipe. If the leaders of anti-swedish front were organised well they could beat the Greco-Swedish coalition. But they weren’t.

05 Aug 21 00:42

truth will reveal itself soon new horizons are in eye sight

05 Aug 21 00:51

spain did not do much to comment about the game. Cryboys

05 Aug 21 02:34
Joe Biden

We have to unite against the strongest and the most dominant country Greece, until we dont start a massive war against them and remove those guys from the dominant chear nothing will change. Im talking to all current countries who are acting like their allies, but youre actually puppies. Only after Greece isnt at dominant position all the other countries can start playing their own political and economic plans, until then you will just farm behind GAMA protection and cry how edom become a Farmville. Well for me and Canadians citizens edom isnt a Farmville because w arent puppies. Its your choice.

05 Aug 21 03:34

To change things it takes courage petlos :P

05 Aug 21 07:42
El Greco

If their so called allies were Greek puppets, they would abandon them the period Greek was wiped from Turkey at last world war. The ties of the allies of Greece are friendship ties and friends dont leave anyone behind. And you misunderstood the article, noone is crying, I just state facts for the current gameplay + history.

05 Aug 21 08:35
Joe Biden

Actually I dont care, enjoy farming with your friends and allies , those who refuse to be part of that so called allies actually play the game. And for the record during this world war I was fighting for Greece, but back then Greece werent dominating as much as they do now, so your point is not correct.

05 Aug 21 17:43

Captcha chased Many away, and Admins refusal to rectify situations which arise due to NO fault of players, and also , privatization and limiting ORG relocation hasnt helped.

06 Aug 21 14:05
the player


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