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Air prices record low in the last month [INFOGRAPHIC] |

Publikuar në Turkey - Analizë Financiare - 9 - 03 May 21 00:01

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Skopje, 03 May (Novinky) —  Air prices hit record low this week, since Novinky, basically is analysing and reporting about q5 air fluctuation price from 29 March.

With ‘high’ prices ranging from 18.48 gold on 26 April, and lowest at 17.57 gold at the end of the week, there was no significant change in the prices this week, based on 61 entries from marketplace and Discord offers.

No big wars, but only some major weekly battles for a while, this is the reason behind this week’s air prices, according to the Turkish-based player ‘galippo’ who is active in the marketplace.

“Nobody is willing to burn their stocks against unlimited hits. So nobody needs big numbers of airs. On the other hand so many players have big loads of airs in their storage. Since the demand is low, prices gotta be low”, ‘galippo’ comments.

‘Once I had regular buyers’, ‘galippo’ adds, commenting that nowadays,he need to post on the trade chat almost every hours.

‘’It takes me along time to sell the products. I dont know the exact number but not a big deal. It is around 20-30k (airs) I guess”, he adds.
Since the prices are too low, he points out that ‘you need to find some other ways to earn golds’.

“Selling tanks and weapons or foods for the trader exchange is good ways of making money these days”, he comments for our newspaper.

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He considers that the prices went up to 20 gold last week, just because of the new events, but dropped to 18-19 again, adding that ‘the demand is not satisfactory’.

“Im not expecting big changes in prices because nothing changes in the game. A handful of Visa players can challenge the rest of world. As long as the difference between visas and others remain too much, the prices wont probably change too much.

But maybe the change for the rewards of BH or CH can affect the prices positively”, he hopes.

With prices big as 25.07 golds at 6 April, and lowest at 17.57 on 2 May,this is the biggest fluctuation of air prices, since Novinky is reporting about air prices.



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