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Air prices went down - no signs of a price increase [INFOGRAPHIC] |

نشرت في Turkey - تحليل مالي - 2 - 14 Jun 21 00:01

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Skopje, 14 June (Novinky) — After the short-term increase of the air prices last week with a peak of 24.1 gold per 1.000 airs, this week was highlighted with the constant prices, which went down to minimum of 18.25 gold on 12 June, and maximum of 19.89 gold 7 June.

This was spotted by Novinky, according to the 61 entry we collected from the marketplace, Discord offers and specialised markets, which showed that the biggest difference in the prices was 1.64 gold.

According to the Turkish-based player Blue Beret, who is actively selling airs on the market, the cause is because the numbers of wars decreased.

I think I sold more q5 airs this week comparing to the last week, he says for Novinky.

He is expecting that this period, the prices wont change much, because, how he says there are many big air producers, and many players who stocking airs.

At the beginning of the week, the first couple of days, there were more offers on the market than usual, with lots of different prices ranging from as high as 22 gold, and as low as 18.5 gold.

What are your expectations for this week? Feel free to comment, so we can include some of the predictions into the next monday analysis!


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