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An artist’s representation of the siege of Weinsberg and the loyal women 1140. Copper engraving by Zacharias Dolendo, 16th century.


Now the story:

When King Conrad III defeated the Duke of Welf (in the year 1140) and placed Weinsberg under siege, the wives of the besieged castle negotiated a surrender which granted them the right to leave with whatever they could carry on their shoulders. The king allowed them that much. Leaving everything else aside, each woman took her own husband on her shoulders and carried him out. When the kings people saw what was happening, many of them said that that was not what had been meant and wanted to put a stop to it. But the king laughed and accepted the womens clever trick. A king he said, should always stand by his word.


This is a wonderful example of women showing great virtue and practicing friendship toward their husbands. What did they achieve with this? This is what they achieve😨 All lives were spared, and not only were their lives spared, but all their possessions were restored to them undamaged. This is a good example of the faithfulness that all women owe their husbands.

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nice story 👍

24 Jul 21 03:37

In other places women would fight till death next to their men! In other places a man would never accept be carried by a woman...

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Costa el pais que no tiene ejercito

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Theivin Nigr

lol Mine kicked me to the side in a ditch. Life can be so unfair