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Greetings again amazing citizens of eDominations,

Today and yesterday we received plenty of askings about missions and how they work.
Here I wish with this article to light up the missions system in eDominations:

First and most important, there is some problem in missions 6. Players which create their military unit before they complete this mission get stuck on it. So in this cases, feel free to send a message to me ingame, so we fix this mission for you, and you can continue it up.

Here are our missions in general:

Mission 1: Work hard, play hard
Players need to keep up and progress their strength by training every day. Visit your workout area and train in order to take rewards.

Mission 2: Friends
A game without friends could never be fun. Meet people, share experience and fun - that is what matters. Add 5 friends to take your rewards.

Mission 3: Profile;
Visit your account settings - describe yourself, choose appropriate avatar with which our world to recognize you. Change your avatar to take your rewards.

Mission 4: First steps into business
It is time to choose your first steps in business - produce food, weapons, houses or raw materials. Make your choice well - business is tricky thing. Create a company of your choice to receive the mission awards.

Mission 5: Labor efficiency
Every strong economy is based on strong labor efficiency. You can be twice productive every day by using house and resting for additional working day. And your work provide more resources and production. Use house in order to rest and work again.

Mission 6: Get ready, Rookie
Every nation in this lands need a strong army. And strong army need people and organization to defend  the national interests. Join in a military unit to take your rewards.

Mission 7: Reload your weapons
It is time to feel the difference of the impact weapons make on the battlefield. Every new soldier start by his gun. Fight in battle using weapons to take your reward.

Mission 8: Get into the tanks
Tanks are the thing which can win you every battle and war. Soldiers who can use them are the road to victory. Fight in battle using tanks to take your reward.

Mission 9: Secure the skies
No army can survive long if they do not keep their skies. This make aircraft most important part of every battle and biggest fear in your enemies hearts. Fight in battle using aircrafts to take your reward.

Mission 10: Society Builder
Players are the building block of our game and your country. They are the ones who fight next to you in battlefield and they are the ones who produce goods for your country economy and warfare. Invite 2 friends with your referral link and help them reach level 20 to receive your reward.

Mission 11: Professional Society Builder
We guess by your first Society Builder mission you saw how important friends and referrals are. With every invited player your community raise and get stronger, and you become richer. Invite 5 more friends with your referral link and help them reach level 20 to receive your reward.

Mission 12: Expert Society Builder
Game become more amazing, your country - more stronger, your pocket - richer by every day. All this because of your effort and the players you helped become part of our game. Invite 10 more friends with your referral link and help them reach level 20 to receive your reward.

Mission 13: Good job, soldier!
To follow commander orders is a top priority in every army. Discipline is the way to defeat your enemies and make your nation proud with your victories. Finish your military unit daily order to receive your reward.

For activation of some missions, players first need to pass other ones.
First to do are Missions 1, 2 and 3. Them they lock out missions for companies (missions 4 and 5) and missions for referrals (missions 10, 11 and 12).
By finishing missions for companies (missions 4 and 5) they unlock the battle missions ( they are mission 6, 7, 8, 9 and in the end missions 13)

eDominations team


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Only 13 missions? An in the future?

27 Apr 17 10:57

when is mission aviable?

28 Apr 17 03:03

The missions are pretty self explanatory. Alas, numbers 10, 11, 12 will hang around for long.