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eDom EURO2020 Fantasy League pt.2 |

Offentliggøres Spain - Sociale interaktion og underholdning - 4 - 09 Jun 21 13:02

Greetings farmers,
In 2 days the EURO 2020 starts with the opening game of Italy v Turkey.
Sooo this means, the eDom fantasy league starts too! You have 2 more days to join the league (before the opening game).

We are already gathered 18 teams from varying countries (Spain, Georgia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey and Iran).

Join the fun of european football and have the chance to win 100g from taking the first place.

The only requirement is to donate 5g to me/thracius (umit), as symbolic amount.
The winner will win all the collected gold

find out more in our discord o/



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Kommentar (4)

09 Jun 21 13:33

🇫🇷 🐓

09 Jun 21 22:15


10 Jun 21 12:22

And when does the opening game of the Super League begin? Mr. Petros xD

11 Jun 21 00:09

100 gold is nothing... 10000 gold is something else... ;)