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Offentliggøres Romania - Politiske debatter og analysere - 21 - 14 Jan 22 01:52


Fara prea mult bla bla bla, va anuntam ca Guvernul Romaniei a decis sa scoata tara din prezenta alianta (Beta), Legile de MPP actuale raman in viguare pana la expirare, iar prelungirea se va face analizand fiecare caz in parte.
Vreau sa multumesc pe aceasta cale tarilor din Beta cu care am avut momente frumoase petrecute impreuna, dar totul face parte din joc si trebuie luat ca atare.
Cei care au nevoie de ajutorul Romaniei in lupte, stiu unde sa ne gaseasca, iar noi vom ajuta pe cat posibil; aceasta despartire nu inseamna inchiderea relatiilor sau schimbarea taberei.

Ne gandim sa incepem o campanie inspre Est...sau poate Vest...ori Nord sau Sud.....Vom vedea!

With not too much empty words, I announce that Romania is leaving Beta alliance. Current MPPs will remain in place till they expire and we will analyze if we are going to extend them or not.  
I would like to thanks all Beta countries and players for the time being together, but our action is part of the game and have to be taken as it is.
Those who need Romanian battlefield power knows where to find us and we are open for discussions and we will help as much as possible. This change doesnt mean we are closing our friendly relations with any country, nor changing the side in the game

we aret thinking to start a campaign thru East countries....or perhaps West....or maybe Nord or South....we will see!

CP of Romania,


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14 Jan 22 02:02

Good luck brothers o7

14 Jan 22 02:04

Good luck Romania o7

14 Jan 22 02:11

Wipe Romania!

14 Jan 22 02:22

In the west you will only find wip wip

14 Jan 22 02:24

I know murkoff we already did wip wip in the west

14 Jan 22 03:03

wipe wipe wipe . . .

14 Jan 22 03:31

wipe lolmania

14 Jan 22 03:38
ServerBatu The Bonus Killer

Good luck boisss

14 Jan 22 03:50

Thats what happen when you are afraid of facing your target and switch it from enemy to ally just because of GAMAs power. Alliances should include mutual respect/friendship and responsibility to each member, not just mutual interests.

14 Jan 22 04:16

o7 Romania

14 Jan 22 04:45


14 Jan 22 05:57

Brane sing to other table and i dont remember changing sides like you did before, when you received that oil region in africa from GAMA if i remember correctly and you left us alone

14 Jan 22 07:32
Sir Thanos


14 Jan 22 09:07
Winston Hopeless Smith

Respect for Romania 🇷🇴

14 Jan 22 10:43

Romania o7

14 Jan 22 12:27
Mafioso Albanese

No more brotherhood? Lol anyway Romania was Beta, now theres no more Beta

14 Jan 22 17:01

Sad story...

14 Jan 22 21:25


15 Jan 22 01:53


15 Jan 22 19:20


15 Jan 22 22:58
Anella Miller

Good luck