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Suggestion for administrators; Statistics in the game

Published in Poland - Social interactions and entertainment - 3 - 05 Dec 18 12:52

Hello everyone, Ill tell the short story that everyone has little time and this is money so I will be brief but concise.

It is, I understand, that placing this I ask is a lot of work maybe, I do not know the subject, but it is an investment, it is something that will make the game look more professional.
This is about;

1- Local statistics

Statistics in military units (damage, casualties and soldiers)

A; statistical bar that indicates soldiers and their respective damages, that accumulate for 7 days and then restart their cycle to complete 7 more days.
B; Another statistic parallel to this for the cumulative damage of the month.
C; Another parallel statistic for the damage accumulated throughout the year.
D; Another statistical bar about the same mentioned above but this time of military units.

2- International Statistics

A; Damage and soldiers by countries and region.
B; Damages by soldiers and by world countries.

The rewards for citizens to finish in the top positions could be armaments and some medals for;
1 place
2 place
3 place
As for military units, and add medals in their stained glass.

On the other hand, recently I read that they were talking about a system where you could fight 1 vs 1 as was the old system of the mother game, peronally I am a fan of those guerrillas, maybe here could be implemented in another way but I would like to see a combat 1 vs 1 or even of groups, eg; 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3.
All these things give value to a game.
All these things make it more entertaining.
All these things could bring the game back to life.
Do not expect to have different results doing the same things, evaluate the possibility of incorporating some of these ideas or see variants in others.

Thanks for your time I see it in the next delivery



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05 Dec 18 12:52


05 Dec 18 13:19
El Gran Terminon You can find the statistics about the 7 days here ...

05 Dec 18 13:29
TIT0 el Inmortal

@Terminoon,, It is not the same, I want statistics here, not to enter another game, besides these statistics are never updated. we do not copy many things from ere.p? `Why not copy that or maybe even think about improving it? Your proposal in this case would be nothing, I would like to see what you can contribute in what we can improve.