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Published in Greece - Social interactions and entertainment - 9 - 05 Dec 18 16:25

I was boring today so i decided to make an article with some thoughts i had xD...
First of all in all games of this kind are playing pretty much the same players...they may spent a few years on these games and sometime they will quit ..they wont play forever...shouldnt you try to focus on how to bring new players on this kind of games???
Even with Baby Booms, that plenty of countries are making from time to time , if you check the registered players you will notice that 10 players may register BUT 1 will stay(probably this one will quit 10 minutes later than the rest 9..its kinda rare for someone to stay long enough to understand what is happening and find some interest in the game)....the rest will probably quit before they reach level 2-3 xD did you ever try to figure out why ? 
As a player that is playing this kind of games for FIRST time i would like you answer.
Its cause of your user interface...its totally not friendly to a player who is trying it for first time ...YES you have some kind of guide at the beginning but that guide looks more like disturbing the screen instead of helping you XD seriously ....
When you login for first time there way too many informations in the screen...If i didnt have someone to tell me to play and *kinda* guide me ,i wouldnt even trying to find out the meaning of all these sections ...
I have played plenty of games (many diff kinds of games) and i can tell you for sure that the best way to introduce a game to a player is to reveal *informations* step by step...what do i mean ?

2.My buildings
4.Business Center

We have 8 different *Sections* with a first look (and many options on every section) ..Too many info, this i am out ...this is what every new player will say xD...
I would totally try it if you were reveal only one section at a time ...For example start with Companies only and as Option ONLY the Workout Area ...force the player to click only this option ,after using workout area ,reveal the Companies--Companies and show him work for someone ,after than give him the those 1-2 free companies and teach him how to work them as manager etc ...
This is just my opinion of course ....

Secondly WHY every game of this kind looks pretty much the same ???? 

I think your first aim should be to distinguish your game from similar games...Even the newest game of this kind (E-R-E-V-2) looks 99% like every other game of this kind(including edom ofc) ....why dont you try to change it ? we are almost in 2019 xD improve your game,everything around you is changing dont you think that its time for your game to change too ?.. 
Same colors ,same sections even same font etc etc etc ...

What about some 3D content ? 
Imagine small 3d soldiers appearing in the battlefield according to the number of the players hitting at that time ? Now we calculate the icons we see under the bar xD ...imagine 50 soldiers shooting on battlefield in real time xD CRAZY (of course an option of disabling the 3d details is necessary ..someone may dont like it ) 

What about an 3D model of earth instead of this classic boring world map ? 
Something else,why dont you have the full map of earth ? more regions means that more countries will be able to get some bonuses ..with the current map only a certain number of countries can have bonuses ,and when your country CANT many players choose a big country to move to and at the end only same countries got power ..same countries=same Political heads=Same enemies=Same results ...
A few more bonuses will make more countries *livable* (i have no idea if there is this word xD you dont need 80-80-80 to stay in a country...many players would be happy 50-50-50 and the opportunity to get more xD ) which means more enemies ,more allies =more MPPs ,more DWs etc =It will also help with your gold flow problem...

Something weird about battles:

Its a game based on real life right ?
WIN a battle in my opinion is not just to win the battle cause you have more power ..You may attack not because you want to conquer a region but because you want to destroy something in that region...For example why cant i have as an aim of a battle to destroy the oil well of Athens ?Or to burn down the wood of Peloponnese ? 
I would like to have the option to do this in a battlefield you will tell me how can you make this work ...simple 
You created 4 abilities ...sniper and medic are way too useful ,i dont like artillery but ok someone may like it and may find it useful but what about destroyer? its the most useless ability cause everyone got damage wipers ...a defense system is useless cause of damage wipers+ hard to be produced... 
So imagine destroyers reducing the *Life Points* of region bonus instead of destroying defense systems ? 
Probably a new company about producing some kind of repair machines ...placing the repair machine in the damaged region will activate the machine and the bonus will be repair in a few hours or even 1 day according to the receiving damage ...This way more gold will be spent and defense systems may become useful when we run out of damage wipers (we take only 2 per week so sometime we will run out of them if WE use them ...and no one will use them cause there are no DS left)

P.S:Now imagine attacking a region aiming to destroy the bonus and ending up destroying the bonus +conquering the region xD crazy but interesting and the most important DIFFERENT THAT THE OTHER SIMILAR GAMES..

Now something CRAZY that i thought hahaha xD way too crazy ..DONT READ THE IDEA BELOW IF YOU DONT FEEL READY!!!

Why there is no some *science fiction* content ? OK its a game based on Real Life but its still a game hahaha and game is a way to *escape* from reality xD

For example :I remember an admin article saying something about founding a new country with 3000 gold ...think about it a bit 
No full map regions (way too limited as i said previously) and the option to *create* a new country ? 
NO...3000 gold to rename a country is the truth behind this ...
This option would be interesting if we could really found a NEW region ..i would surely found Atlantis hahaha 
Even in RL people (countries) got satelites and this is a game based on real life SO?I think you can find a way to do this do ..For example bring on map 10 satelites ...every each of the with a different bonus the usual kind of bonuses of course ....

Examples for Satelite bonuses:
+2 energy Recovery to all players of the country that got the satelite (name every satelite if you want )
-10% cost on store(on gold items)
+50 energy to all players of the country that got the satelite

I can find way more bonuses like these ...They look too much and many people would cry right ? Create new rules for satelites like:
1:You can get attacked by many countries but each country will have to pay 30g to make the attack ..
2:The battle will run for 8 hours and you will be able to use every kind of weapon..
3:You can get attacked once per country can start the battle at 16:00(the battle will end at 24:00) ....another country decides to attack too at 18:00 so they will pay 30g to attack BUT the battle will end at 24:00 no matter what the first attacker will decide the end time of the battle...
4:You can use defense System, Battle Repair System (repair system will be giving some Life Points every second to Satelites life while battle is on going)..After Battle Repair System...And the energy that medics are producing will be consumed by satelite and will be reformed into Life Points..
5:Allies can defend an ally satelite only if they are medics
6:For every day you have a satelite the country will pay a normal amount of gold 

P.S:If more than one country attack a satelite ,who is going to conquer it ? I would like it to be conquered according to the LAST hit tyou will have more chanced to conquer the satelite if you bring more players at the end of the battle BUT ofc satelite will have a fixed Life +++ I wont say more( i have more to say but hahaha i am writing for like 2 hours now) hahaha its your job to balance the numbers ...make the game more interesting xD ...

If you made it to read all this article ,leave a comment with your opinion ...OH and vote for a chance to be read by admins xD...




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05 Dec 18 16:30
El Gran Terminon

I tried to make the letters bigger but for some reason it doesnt work ..

05 Dec 18 16:52
Immortal King Shime

Nice article. I make BB and register exemple 100 players stay only 10

05 Dec 18 17:38

Okudum anladım imzaladım .... Bam bam bam o7

05 Dec 18 21:03

nice article mate o7

05 Dec 18 23:31


06 Dec 18 03:48

Ούτε μπουμ ούτε καραμπουμ χρειάζονται και το ξέρουμε όλοι! Όλοι όσοι ψάχνουν αυτά τα παιχνίδια ήδη ξέρουν τι παίζει γι αυτό και τα ψάχνουν! Τα παιχνίδια αυτά είναι πρωτίστως επιχειρήσεις που κοιτάνε βέβαια το κέρδος. Δεν πρόκειται ν αλλάξει κάτι ουσιαστικό ποτέ.

06 Dec 18 04:17

No one is gonna read this, does not look nice the style

06 Dec 18 05:30
El Gran Terminon

@dela αυτό μου κάνει εντύπωση...κάνουν ένα παιχνίδι και μου φτιάχνουν πακέτα για baby boom ενώ δεν απευθύνονται σε νέους παίχτες...είναι μόνο για όσους ξέρουν αυτό το είδος των παιχνιδιών...θα έπρεπε να είναι πιο φιλικό το ui ώστε να μείνουν νέοι παίχτες

07 Dec 18 00:12

I agree with you except 3D things