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Once upon a time .... Part 1

Published in China - Warfare analysis - 12 - 11 Jan 19 10:13

Year is 12019

Mankind has developed a speed much more faster than a speed of light. And they are now able to visit other planets, which were only a dream for the generations before them. After so many successful journeys in the past few hundred years, humans made some of the planets like their museums to keep the memory of the old Empires and other kinds that were once part of the Universe. They still dont know too much about the many planets which are abandoned today, but more and more people every day decide to start a journey and visit those , in order to fulfill their dreams for knowledge.

One of the people is George, with his son Peter. George is 30 years old archaeologist and historian who was part of few missions with the older mentors, and now he decided to try and discover everything he could about the newly founded Planet which many of the people considered as very important. Also his son, 5 years old is a very curious kid delighted with the story about the ancient cultures of the other kinds.  They are both now on their way. 

He has already had some basic knowledge about the planet itself, and its history from the books in the History Museum. But that was nothing near to things they will find about there. Upon the arrival, George was already excited with the things he saw, but Peter was the only one there more excited than him, questions started as soon as they have touched the ground. There were to many questions for both of them, and answers ...Answers are about to be found. 

G: Come on Peter, do not go on your own there, You must go with us. 
P: Sorry father.

After few minutes of walking theyve met their hosts, people who were part of the first expedition there. 

John: Welcome guys, nice to have you here. I am glad you are all fine and safely made your trip. I know you are tired, and want to rest a bit, but I would like to show you some interesting things we have found here. I think you will find them useful and after that we can go and take a rest, so tomorrow we will take you to see the zone we are currently researching. Is that fine with you ?

G: Yeah sure, why not. What is that ? 

J: We think those are some letters, or part of someones diary. 

G: Let me see that. We are lucky enough it is well preserved after so many years, It will be my pleasure to read those. 

P: What are those weird signs ? Are those letters ? 

J: Yeah Peter, This is written in eDom language as we call it. 

G: Many years ago, one of our historians was reading something about this Planet, and on many places he has founded eDom word so they have all decided to call it like that. Anyway we still didnt give it a name official. 

P: You can read them ?

J: Yeah son, your father is one of the few thousand people who can actually read and understand this language, that was one of the main reasons why they have chosen him to be part of this mission.

P: What do you know about them father, who were they ?

G: I only know a few basic things. We know that they were Nomads who were traveling from Planet to Planet in order secure a safe and prosperous life for themselves and their families. They also were at war with each other most of the times, that was part of their life. Some of them was born here, in this one, but some of them were living in many other Planets before them. They were all similar to our Earth. Thats why we think that they were as well similar to us, and its the most interesting things about them . Thats why we are trying to find out more about them the most. Also some books says that they left because of their Gods  who they have called Admins,went mad, and as they believed who abandoned them in the time of need. 

J: Maybe those letters will help us find out.

G: Let me know read this one to you, so we will take a more serious analysis tomorrow.

George reads a text to all of people there. 

   The end is near. I am afraid that we are not far from the end of this Planet as well. I was so happy when almost the whole crew came here together. In the meantime a big number of great warriors joined us here. We have built an Empire, known to the whole this world.  But now...Now what can I say. We were always people who are trying to fight and secure a safe place for our people but this is madness. I believed we can survive here, but faith is leaving my home as well.  Others are completely lost,  but some of them are still trying to change something. and hope it will be better. 

I dont know what is wrong with us. There is no goal to fight for, there is nothing we can actually do to make admins listen us. They are gone. They abandoned us. We are all cursed with the some weird Christmas fever. It affected all of us,. some more some less, but seems to me that we can fight for an eternity and none of us will die in a battle. Not a single soldier. I dont know what is wrong really, I think I am going crazy every new moment I am writing this one. Maybe we can take off the curse only if we leave this place.  We have changed too many Planets before this one, and I am tired, but I heard about a new one. Many said ti is the same like one we were there before, so I am not sure what I am about to do.  

At least, after so many bad thoughts I got an envelope from Daca with our soldiers wishes for a New Year. This is the only bright thing I have read in the past few days. I will save them with this one, maybe some day someone will see what has happened to us. 
                                                                                                                                                                                            D     626 o   eDomi...
                                                                                                                                                                                             Xiah . ..... ..   un

P: What do you think father ? Did they leave ?  Where they are today, are they alive ? 

G: I have no idea son, there is a lot more to read about, knowing basics seems to me now like knowing nothing if you believe me. I think we only know 1% of the story about them. I think we will stay here for a long time to read everything we can about them. 

G: I cant read now who wrote this one, but I am pretty sure that it was the 626th day on this planet for him. Do you have more of these ? What about those letters he was talking here about? Do you have some more of these ? 

J: Yeah, we have few of them here. You wanna see them all ? 

G: Yeah of course, give them here. 

Rest of the letters found there. All of them has clearly written names of soldiers who wrote them. 

Epsi said: 
Happy New Year everyone, thank you to AA members for being so awesome and may 2019 be a year full of success for everyone :D
BrknSword said : 

Live for something rather than die for nothing. Hail Adeptus Astartes.
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Happy 2019 !!! I wish for everyone to enjoy his time and have fun playing with us for another Year. 
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Be Happy! and China namba wan

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I was writing a long one here for some time but it got deleted because my phone is retarded.. :(

I ll just shorten it as much as possible:

Im incredibly glad that I was given the opportunity to play with you from the first day of this server and I hope Ill reach the last one with you friends. :)

Theres no place in this whole shitty game that Id rather be in and I have never regretted a single day of being Chinese and fighting beside you!

Thank you for all and lets have an even better new year! o7

DrethGar said : 

One of the best teams i ever played with and i am happy i am part of AA for more than a year.As long as edom stands AA will stand proud
Happy New Year o7

Kaca995 said

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!! I wish you all to be healthy, happy and the most important much loveee, also more love and less hate in edom.. xD
And I want to thank everyone, especially AA for many great battles, moments and support in previous year(s), and I hope that we will make this one even better! ^^

Daca said 

I wish Happy New Year to all muffins in whole eDom server. I wish you lot of love, happy moments, good opportunity and do things that make you feel good.
🍻 🥂 🍷 🥃 🍸 🍹

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It has been a joyful ride with you all, I feel like we are more than players or casual friends, there are people from several nationalities and cultures who I consider as family. I want to thank the founders of this amazing Military Unit for making this possible. 3 Lets all make 2019 the year of our lives!

Scissorhand said : 

Be nice to each other and dont insult someone just because he/she has a different opinion about something. Just have some fun, find a way to enjoy the game and have a smooth 2019.

Xiahou Dun said : 

Citizens of the Empire, and citizens of the World, Happy New Year and all the China to all of you ! Also Admins FIX THE SERVERS !

G: THAT MUST BE HIM ! Look at the letters in the previous one, this is our guy we were looking for few moments ago ! It must be him, I am sure. 

sagi18 said : 

Thanks for becoming not a MU, but a family. I am really happy to be part of this team. #ChinaRULZ #AARulz

Zer0xX said : 

#AABestTeam #AAFamily Thanks for welcoming to this awesome brotherhood

G: TugaWolf has an empty letter, I am nor sure what has happened to this one....

Gilga said: 

Just came here for the free gifts :D now ive to wish good stuff for yall (--), so Happy new year !! remember every day is a good day for a new start, dont wait for a specific date, changes can be made everyday ! Grow better, be happier, enjoy the moment *“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

P: Is that all father ? 

G: Seems like it is Peter. I hope in the days to come we will find more and more of these, or something at least useful and interesting as those were.
We have a lot of to learn from them, and about their lives here. Now I wanna know all of that ! 

P: Me too ! 

J: Thank you man, this will help to our research here, You cant imagine. I hope we will together find out what has happened to all of them.
Go and rest now man, tomorrow we will continue. 


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