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The World  was created but the world was empty and there was no people in this world.....So Admin said onto the Internet join now and you will be entertained........And so it was http://dis-lb.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/internet-006.jpg 

On Day Two Admin created Krakken because Admin said but there can only be one ruler for the land one for the air and one for the sea and so it became that Krakken was assigned to be ruler of the sea because Krakken was a sea monster and krakken ruled the sea and his rule was just and he and she that he ruled said behold for there is only one Krakken and there is only one that we must bow down when we meet him and that was krakken. And we must fear for Krakken will teach us when we wander from the path. 


 On day Three Admin created the DATABASE because the people said but Admin we need a place to keep our gold and Admin pondered this and Admin agreed and Admin said lets create one in squeel or in SQL. Admin created the land and he created the fire and he created the mud hut for the mere mortals to life in., And as Krakken said there were much fear and worry in the hearts of the land-dwellers and they feared the day they have to go to sea and catch their daily meal and there was some that didnt return and so the fear for he that is Krakken grew and grew into their hearts and at night as they huddled by the fire they dareth not say the name of he that ruleth the sea.

 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b2/7c/cb/b27ccb90ba13cbb6210175263703b00a.jpg On day 4 the people said but my piece of land looks different from that piece of land of he landdweller that liveth across the sea and so Admin created the first country and called it the Us of A and then he created more and more countries but as he entered Africa from the South he stopped because there grew fear and worry in Admins mind and he asked Krakken must there not be grey must we not leave some land to be explored. And Krakken said to Admin now listen Admin and follow my words and heed my advice if you create a full world and you leave nothing for future generations to worry about and fear the land-dwellers will become bold. Just as Krakken needs the sea to rule and the land-dweller need the empty vessel that breaks on the rocks as it return without crew to build the fear of he that ruleth the sea and smasheth that boat in their heads to pieces. And so it was and the land north of the country called South Africa was left grey and there dwelleth no mortal in that regions. On day 5 Admin heard a meek whisper from the midst of the mortals and they said we want to rule our land and we want to make decisions that affect all of the citizens in our country and on that day Congress was created by Admin and MECHANISMS to ensure they could feel important and had more to think besides hungry bellies and the fear for the ruler of the SEA KRAKKEN. And from their midst a bold one stepped forward and said but I want to ruleth over all my country men and Congress and my decisions must carry much weight and on that day the Country President was created. And much jealousy and anger followed the creation of the CP and so it went on and on forever from that point.



on day Day 7 the people again grew restless and there broke a fight among the nations there grew a hunger among the nations for his neighbor land and so it was that England hungered for Ireland and Poland for the Netherlands and so forth and forth until the day their hunger overcome them and they attacked their smaller neighbors and so Admin said to them from this day you will start the day and the sun will go down and your blood will boil for the land of your neighbor and the bigger you are the more the hunger and the more your blood will boil for the land of your neighbor and so Admin created the Battle and Admin created the WEPS and so it was and so it continued from that day forth... And on Day 8 Admin created his ALGORITHMS so that a person can have things to work out. And so forth and so on. And he created the ARTICLE because the person that worked out his SUMS needed a place to articulate his sums and he created the PHILOSOPHY because he sensed in the mere mortals the need to articulate their lives and what went on in their lives and so it was and so it went on from that day onwards. But from Day 9 the mortals bellies was full and their inventories were stocked with all kinds of WEPS and their minds no longer dwelled on the boat that didnt return and the sea that sucked in their family members. No their hearts was content and on their FEEDS they commented how many times they were Country President and Congress Member and Battle Hero they no longer thought about their fear for he that lurked into the sea and him thats form they sometimes thought they spotted in the big storms. So their FEAR passed and their days was passed by creating articles proclaiming their own importance and trolling in comments their fellow men and stealing the funds of their government. but on Day 10 The Word was created and he was called Kurgan and he trolled them every day and their blood boiled but they could do nothing about Kurgan for they was mere mortals and their lives have become possessed by their own importance and so they became afraid of their previous natures. Afraid that if they trolled each other the people would say watch that TROLL we cannot be ruled by trolls we will become a troll nation. But they didnt see the essence what the Word wanted to teach them as the word wanted to teach them children step away from this investment in your self importance think about what lurks in the sea think about the boat that returns empty. Because Kurgan once saw a form in the sea.. And on day 200 Krakken entered the lands and his form was massive and they that dwelled in the sea could for a few days forget the fear that was Krakken and they could play in the ocean and chase after the dolphins. So Krakken mingled into the land dwellers and Ran for congress and krakken printed a newspaper where he trolled the MEN OF IMPORTANCE . But they did not heed the warning and they continued on their ways and they did not think about the mud hut about the fire and how they huddled by the fire in FEAR. And krakken even placed the occasional picture and said look at this picture your no more important than this picture 

http://orig10.deviantart.net/8c14/f/2011/205/6/d/kraken_by_eronzki999-d41hxvv.jpg But no they did not heed the warning. And they printed many articles where they hummed and sang their own importance. Fear was not in their hearts even though they were in the company of that which they previously feared the most. 

And so on Day 201 Krakken returned to the sea and big swirls of water reaching up to the heavens could be seen as he that was ruler of the sea returned to continue his rule. But on the land them dwellers they did not heed the warning and they placed even more articles about their own importance and how great a guru they were. And how much they knew and how little others knew. They did not listen to the ocean that grumbled and the air above it that became black

. On Day 250 the day started out as normal but from the ocean the sea grew more and more angry and big clouds swirled around and from there  arose the KRAKKEN standing 20 of their tallest building the KRAKKEN walked gingerly to the shore and just before he reached the shore the Krakken bowed down and hit his talons into the land and the earth screamed and boulders broke internally and apart and they became sea and they arose in human form and they drove into the lands 100 at a time running into the countryside. And there came more and more and they surrounded the congress of each country and for the first time in decades the congress remembered the FEAR and they remembered the RULER OF THE SEA KRAKKEN he that is mightiest he that is rumored to return the boat but not the fisherman. For there stood before them boulder people and in their eyes the sea swam and there came from the mouths the in out of the waves. And Krakken ROSE! And as the congress looked at these mysterious creatures little ebbs of sea and rocks moved into their feet and their feet and the sea and the rock became one and they could hear their blood becoming sand and they could feel the rocks surging through their internal organs and they could feel the waves of the sea raging against the rocks in their heads. And Krakken bowed forward and his arms stiffened and his eyes became the darkest blue of the sea . The Congress could feel their heads and their every blood vessel tearing apart. And the pain is excruciating. They could not escape the pain it was in their every drop of blood. They felt a hundred wildfires eating at their flesh. And then it ended before they imploded into a million pieces. And then Krakken strutted forward and rose his arms and swayed forward and like a machine his armies grew and grew and Q7 WEPS was no match for his armies who rolled over armies and tore them apart a million men at a time and finally Krakken rose his arms to the Air and everything that ADMIN had created the Algorithm, THE DATABASE and the ARTICLE disappeared until there was only a few land-dwellers. Those who he saw had the FEAR.

 On Day 251 Krakken created IRELAND and  the mud hut and he created the fire and he created the boat and field and he gave the people the MEMORY . Yes he installed extra ram into their heads so that they would listen and they would FEAR and at night they would huddle by the fire and tell forever and ever from then the story of the men of self importance and how krakken rose from the sea and krakken returned into them the FEAR of he that goes out at sea and only his boat returns. And tell they would from that day that he that think of only his own self importance and proclaims himself as the SOLUTION will be smighted one day. And the FEAR lingered and the fear grew....


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