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Video de Nebra Se filtra / Nebra video is leaked [ES][EN]

Published in Argentina - Social interactions and entertainment - 11 - 12 Jun 19 16:20

Buenas DIas, Tardes o Noches.... segun como corresponda.

Se ha filtrado un video de nebra definiendo su estrategia para esta vez SI entrar a SA y poder por fin borrar a colombia y hacer
pagar todo a los Chickenshits.... imagenes escandalosas

Good Day, Afernoon or Good Night... as aproppiate

A Video of Nebra has been leaked defining his strategy to enter THIS time to SA  and finally wipe colombia and make chickenshits pay.... Shocking images


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Comments (11)

12 Jun 19 16:35
TIT0 el Inmortal

Jaja... soberbio!

12 Jun 19 16:36

Suck It Colpho!

12 Jun 19 17:27
TIT0 el Inmortal

LoLpha is a Negra007 s wife

12 Jun 19 18:27

hahaha good one

12 Jun 19 18:43
Duende Verde

Negra007, the clown of Edom jajaja

12 Jun 19 21:40
Still Standing


13 Jun 19 01:16


13 Jun 19 01:16

Good one! upps is very pretty

13 Jun 19 06:21
CP Brasileiro

muito engraçado

13 Jun 19 07:03

hahahahhaahahah what false propaganda, one way or another u still are chickenshits till the end of game hahahahahahahahhahahaha and il repeat it one more time i cant dow or attack country, prepare your multy army you gonna need them again hahahahahhahah

13 Jun 19 07:48
TIT0 el Inmortal

LoLpho multeroooo