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New Admin New Favors.. |

Published in Luxembourg - Political debates and analysis - 15 - 17 Jul 19 09:26

We saw recently (last 3 days) new admin in town.. Probably he took over from Tyrael this game, and first his action is Favoring friends..

Btw i have no grudge against Nolcig neither Jäger.. 

Lets come to situation..

Today we saw 1 player changed his CS without CP approval.. (When admin changes ur CS it doesnt seem on CS Request page you just got that CS without trace..)

1) Nolcig Mod 2 was on TR CS

2) In this morning we saw him gone for Germany CS

3) When we looked the CS REQ page, there was no approval..

Only Admin can change CS without CP approval, as you see new admin new favors working for some friends... Lets see what will happen more..

PS: I dunno why Nolcig tried to cover it with Bs..



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Comments (15)

17 Jul 19 09:26

prinç saved

17 Jul 19 09:43

Fuuuuu cigani

17 Jul 19 09:53

Its a feature.

17 Jul 19 09:58

Nolcak Şimdi?

17 Jul 19 10:34
Franky Four Fingers

Who are You Nolcig that my friend bybatu is so much concerned about Your CS??? 🤨

17 Jul 19 11:46

Excellent job. I asked from Admin to revoke my role, so you all understand none was favored. I started and will continue as a casual player.

17 Jul 19 11:56

You still think point is you... Point is Admin DID THAT, tomorrow he can do more and more.. Thats the morale issue, not about you.

17 Jul 19 12:31

Who Is nolcig AND why bybatu cries bout His CS for almost 12 hours Now?

17 Jul 19 13:48

Ban Admins!

17 Jul 19 13:49

You obviously dont want to understand. I step back , so the game isnt harmed

17 Jul 19 23:45

Nolcig, bybatu want to know WHY ADMIN DID THAT

18 Jul 19 04:35

Ya şunların türkçesini de yazın arkadaş :D

18 Jul 19 11:11
Almirante Fikip

ban bybatu the sultan of multies o7

18 Jul 19 22:16

This game lost communities due to morale issues and I do not see that changing with the new admins, whoever they are. Justice for Laoch ended the game 4 me, tyrael witth his morale dilemma, excuse me, issue... favoring Turkey ofc 🤔 But let us not get into that, let us remember the good times of this game and bury it along with the others we played... because we are *too old for this sh**... * 🤣

19 Jul 19 04:25

Lolphooooo petero