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Published in Spain - Social interactions and entertainment - 27 - 19 Jul 19 07:30

Dear players,
After our recent Admin News announcing you the upcoming event “Who is the boss”, we are
back with more content. Let us introduce you a new feature named Natural Disaster , make
sure you read carefully how this event will work.
How this feature will work:
Each day at Day Change a region from worldwide will be picked randomly and
some effects will apply to it and its neighbor regions for the rest of that
day. A damage reduction penalty scaling from 1-15%(picked randomly) will
apply to that region and its neighbor ones. This penalty will be active until
the next Day Change , when the next region will be randomly picked. Also a
productivity penalty scaling from 1% to 50%,again randomly chosen, will
apply to the country which owns that region for the current day.

The damage reduction penalty applies to regions at Day Change. Ongoing battles and new
battles (started after region was picked) at picked region and neighbor ones
will be affected , no matter for which side you fight for.

The productivity penalty will apply to country’s current bonus percentages.
In order to help you understand fully , let us set an example :

As shown in this screen, region of Belgium-Flanders has been affected by snow. A
11% damage reduction penalty was generated and 45% production penalty. Next to
the affected main region , you can see its neighbor affected ones. For the rest
of that day , Flanders,its neighbor regions and Belgium that owns Flanders will
suffer the penalties mentioned above.

This feature will go live at Day 816 , we hope you like it! Make sure you leave
feedback in the comments section below , including ideas or suggestion for
future updates.

Noteupdate : Abilities are active only battle turns to epic. Epic battle requirement updated to 500k hits.
Thank you for supporting the game!


Comments (27)

19 Jul 19 07:33

gogogo Remove Edom!!

19 Jul 19 07:34


19 Jul 19 07:37

but this is no fun for the players. this will just affect game dynamics and will not keep players in front of the game screen. Do better attractions to keep people playing this game instead of changing the production and hit rates.

19 Jul 19 08:29


19 Jul 19 09:26


19 Jul 19 09:29

Nothing interesting, NEXT!

19 Jul 19 09:45

Yav he aq

19 Jul 19 10:51

Highly dislike!

19 Jul 19 10:58

A natural disaster isnt fun, but if you can make one, it is. Make a HAARP weapon!

19 Jul 19 11:18
Franky Four Fingers

It could be interesting if You would connect dissaster with efforts of its citizens to get rid of it. F.ex. dissaster lvl stays the same for everyone (10% seems ok). Now it depends on activity of active citizens how long dissaster stays. If player gains f.ex. 150 or 200 exp points average the next day is free of reduction. If not the nation suffers 5% reduction, it dissapears on third day. Or maybe it stays at 10% but exp pts limit lowers from 200 exp points to 150.. then to 100..

19 Jul 19 11:18
whisky warrior

LoL You keep up with this kind of events, ability upgrades and epic changes and soon you will play with yourself! o7

19 Jul 19 12:29

GJ , keep making players more frustrated!!

19 Jul 19 13:20

It seems that there is still misunderstanding by both we the players and admin. Players dont understand that admin wants us all to go away so that the game will end. Meanwhile, Admin doesnt understand that some players are never going away after spending RL cash on the game. So if game ends, suits begin.

19 Jul 19 14:19

He cant turn off the game because laws that protect custumers. So he make that for we leave...

19 Jul 19 14:30
Theivin Nigr

And let me guess, USA will be the first to have this random disaster ? :-) ohh, and did i miss something? I have shot about 100 hits and not one sniper hit yet.

19 Jul 19 15:00

Where is the fun?

19 Jul 19 16:19

Soo, what did you guys do? Hire a corporate hitman to kill the game?

19 Jul 19 18:56

For a game that has almost no new player, I think you should keep your old players. It can be done by increasing the damage dealt, production, or giving an event everyday. I have seen a game like that, and it can survive for some time. Also, you need to try to invite some new players.

19 Jul 19 21:29

disaster :(:(:(:(:(:(

20 Jul 19 01:15

we hope you like it! Make sure you leave...

20 Jul 19 01:33

edomination game had natural disaster few days ago.... New Administration. Result -20% population in game.

20 Jul 19 02:38

delete game

20 Jul 19 02:53

seems fun fresh idea

20 Jul 19 05:15
Z N Gorki

support o7

20 Jul 19 06:43
El Gran Eduardo

Wow i think this will be fun lol. o7

20 Jul 19 06:48

not bad maybe evolve the idea more

20 Jul 19 13:51