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Published in Belarus - Social interactions and entertainment - 98 - 31 Jul 19 01:20 

Dear players, 

It took a little longer than we expected for another Admin News article to be released. We have a lot of news for you ,
since these days we had a lot of job improving the game in multiple ways!

First of all we would like to thank you once again for your nonstop support to our efforts. Thanks to that you are able to see results and not only promises from our side. Some of you really made the difference providing us necessary information to resolve issues regarding our latest updates. We rewarded those players with some small rewards for their extra help. 

Our visual update has been launched and many of you loved it. Unfortunately it came along with some visual bugs , which we strongly believe that we successfully dealt with and the experience our game offers you is good. Updates for the mobile phone users also guarantee that browsing our game gives you more pleasure. The News section will be replaced by a new feed which will update you with some interesting information, alongside with Top Voted Articles. Also Quests had some bugs despite some fixes we applied. We decided to take them down until we fixed them. Now they are back and with no problems!

 (New feed we described above)

 Our next focus is to introduce you the abilities rework we have in plans! The logic of their functionality will be changed to serve game and your needs in a better and balanced way! Don’t forget our game is based on strategy and activity. Only those who are ready to spend for the best moves will earn accordingly. 

We need to make it public that we support any advertisement done by our players and we will reward them of course! More players in the game , mostly help you as players. You are able to compete one another and create more aspects in your game. It also provides us with more ideas for events and competitions , since we can satisfy the needs of a larger amount of players!

 Last but not least a really important topic to discuss with you , is that after huge demand of suggestions we consider to open a new server! We wouldn’t do so if majority of our current community disagrees. A fact is that current players will get some extra benefits if we start this new server , since you show us your trust and enjoy eDominations! This new server won’t include abilities,crates and organizations. Instead we will create new content for you and make it a unique experience! Make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts below, it can really make the difference!

 Once again thank you for your active support,make sure you leave a comment for us to and rest players of game to see and discuss furthermore.



Comments (98)

31 Jul 19 01:24

Nah keep on updating and building on the server u have. Having more servers just divides players in smaller groups which leads to worse gaming experience... Key in those games is high population that then allows us to enjoys the game in its all aspects.

31 Jul 19 01:24


31 Jul 19 01:32

I agree with the first comment, having more servers kills the game.

31 Jul 19 01:33

i would play another server for more chances. good updates so far

31 Jul 19 01:36

don`t open new server!

31 Jul 19 01:36

I agree with all.

31 Jul 19 01:37

You have done amazing job so far, i really love it, keep up the good work, keep updating the game, but I am Strongly Against a new server!

31 Jul 19 01:39
B o i k o V

Second server would just divide everyone and this server will lose population for sure.Just keep on improving this one and find ways to bring more players.This is what we need.

31 Jul 19 01:40

making a new server will kill the game man :)) just keep updating this server D: no need for new one man. i am Strongly Against a new server!

31 Jul 19 01:41

Good job, but im against new server

31 Jul 19 01:42

i am Strongly Against a new server! man come on keep working on this one no new server pls o7

31 Jul 19 01:45

I am against creating a new server. We left this one because of some problem with the past administration. Our destination was new server of other game. It was announced the same way as this one. We will remove this and this and this and create new content. The new content was just change of system to more pay to win. We made a mistake and we didnt enjoy this to the fullest. Yes, this game needs changes to become more sustainable, but I believe that admin and players together can do it and turn this game into something great. Thank you for your work. Also if you create new server, some players will leave to it some wont. We will end up with two servers with half population. Gathering new players is very hard nowadays so I believe we should keep playerbase here and gradually raise it with new people.

31 Jul 19 01:47

danider x2

31 Jul 19 01:51

i will not follow to new server(s)

31 Jul 19 01:53

One server only and good!!!

31 Jul 19 01:54

Also i wanna suggest the Top news and Latest news feeds to include a few more articles atleast, only 2 aint enough, i think.

31 Jul 19 02:01

I am against creating a new server.

31 Jul 19 02:04

Against new server.

31 Jul 19 02:07
Hakuna Matata

No new server

31 Jul 19 02:13
Ikta Solork

instead of a new server, let new players catch up to old players via str/lvl boost.

31 Jul 19 02:14

I am against new server. Keep updating this one, even if you have to reverse any change you already made and its proven that it doesnt work. Bring back the news feed, we cant check the newspapers anywhere...

31 Jul 19 02:20

You can only restart this server. I think I dont need a new server. Some rights can be granted to VIP players

31 Jul 19 02:28
whisky warrior

remove orgs, change work system (each house you are using should give you one work daily), remove adds from homepage... abilities were good! At leaset sniper was good... but button to activate abilities or to put it on sleep would be great.

31 Jul 19 02:34
whisky warrior

oh, and this latest and top news are too bad.. where are country news? Why only 2 articles? You should put At leaset 5 or 10

31 Jul 19 02:40

@whisky warrior , you can always access national latest news via Latest Events button at Home Page.

31 Jul 19 02:40

new server

31 Jul 19 02:48
count zero

reduce the rw cooldown

31 Jul 19 02:50

Strongly against new server. It will kill the game

31 Jul 19 02:52

No new server

31 Jul 19 02:54

you do not have player base for another server.... and I for one would not bother starting this from beginning

31 Jul 19 02:56

I am also against a new server, problem here was previous administration and not the game itself so much. With more work on your part and use of our feedback this game can become great again o7

31 Jul 19 03:04

Strongly against to new server, just improve this one instead.

31 Jul 19 03:05
Chicho John

good day. thank you for the good work so far. but if the current server is restarted or made new in its place I will never play this game again. I am against a new server.

31 Jul 19 03:12
The Satan

No new server

31 Jul 19 03:20

I am against the new server. Keep updating this server.

31 Jul 19 03:24

Strongly against new server. It will kill the game

31 Jul 19 03:25

I am against the new server. Keep updating this server and attract more players to game

31 Jul 19 03:30
Wisconsin Guy

I will not be playing on a new server. And obviously a new server would kill this game very quickly. just keep a substantial strength boost for new players so new players can reasonably join.

31 Jul 19 03:31

No for a new server

31 Jul 19 03:33
H r v a t k o

quest is stupid mission and dont need that in game

31 Jul 19 03:39

it could be stupid for u, if so then simply decline them, the rest like them

31 Jul 19 03:46

No to New server. Help small countries

31 Jul 19 03:57

@Hrvatko Quests isnt obligatory for your gameplay to be same as it used. Instead you could suggest some more interesting ones.

31 Jul 19 04:02

Its a pleasure to see the admins active on this game with regular updates! Congratulations to you and continue! o7

31 Jul 19 04:03

New server is a bad idea. Just improve this one and help the new players. We all know that if you open a new server, the old one will die soon. Also you guys will focus in one of the two only . We saw this thing on similar games, its gonna happen here too... Build your game, dont try to make a new one.

31 Jul 19 04:07

Dont divide ever dwindling player base into more servers. In end every country will be 1 player

31 Jul 19 04:17

No to new server..

31 Jul 19 04:18

31 Jul 19 04:52

STRONGLY DISAGREE FOR THE NEW SERVER! I will write article soon about that.

31 Jul 19 05:14

I am against new server

31 Jul 19 05:30

Against new server! New thins are good, keep the good work.

31 Jul 19 05:41

new server is suicide. only creative new features to attract old and new players make sense

31 Jul 19 05:42
virus jack

relocate ORGs first and last time in origin country of MU(capital-cannot work without capital),delete empty and inactive orgs/MU NO new server ad workers daily for numbers active house and lvl boost building

31 Jul 19 05:47

No. Better repair this game, give equal opportunities, for example the org make them be created again and everyone has it. They also require changes, they must be something associated with the users account and not with the mu, since in reality that killed one of the axes of the community. Another server would only end up killing this and is no guarantee of anything about the new one.

31 Jul 19 05:48
Robert E Lee

we dont need new server just fix this one. delete orgs or reduce the number of free workers they get, and i agree they should be relocated to the country of their MU.

31 Jul 19 05:50

I do not support a new server. Additionally, a small QoL improvement suggestion: please add one single button to assign work units to every factory in Orgs. Daily long clicking is tiresome.

31 Jul 19 06:02

Against new server! Admin read post of Virus Jack and 80% problems will be fix

31 Jul 19 06:12
Sr Iki

Quedemos con solo este servidor, se ve que están haciendo un gran trabajo, estoy seguro que podemos sacar este servidor a flote y volver a tener más jugadores.

31 Jul 19 06:26

Im against new server, dont do that. It will kill the game. For such games we need big community, so dont divide us. I know its difficult but try to get some new players (and maybe old ones back) and make changes that will help them catch us soon. Keep up the good work!

31 Jul 19 06:36

No new server

31 Jul 19 06:38

I say NO to new server... I dont wanna see nebra or bybatu Cry in Any other places!

31 Jul 19 06:42

Un nuevo servidor, para que? Muchos de los que estan en edom, tambien estan en EREP, EREV1, EREV2 y ahora quieten abrir EDOM 2.... ya es mucho y al final todos somos los mismos, lo que pasara es que todos dejemos de vivir

31 Jul 19 06:42

no now server

31 Jul 19 06:48

No, new server sucks , return my money via PayPal.

31 Jul 19 06:52

otro servidor va joder mas a la comunidad. ahora si les aburre trabajar en este servidor y quieren abrir otro, mejor cierren este y asi todos nos vamos al otro servidor

31 Jul 19 06:53
Ron eXtremix

Admin... you know... open a new server = kill this game. If you want to kill the game, at least have the courage to say it without looking for excuses.

31 Jul 19 07:33

Hello, as the majority stated in the admin article, opening new server will never happen in edominations. Thank you for your answers. Helping us a lot to understand your wishes..

31 Jul 19 07:49

@Admin, Thanks for you replay

31 Jul 19 07:54

Keep going with this one, 70% of players from this server wont come to the new one.

31 Jul 19 08:32

Against new server.

31 Jul 19 08:37

estoy en contra del nuevo servidor. estan haciendo cosas buenas con este. van a matar el juego si abren otro servidor.

31 Jul 19 08:46
I Am Mad

No new server right now. Show us your good intentions and ideas here first. Consider new server after 6-8 months

31 Jul 19 10:09
El Tarlo

Even the new server wont happen , i am still not sure about the future of the game ! Changes in game are good but too many changes in a short period of time reminds me that the stars shine brighter before they die .... At your article you mentioned abilities,crates and organizations , I think that we (players and admins) have to find a new way how these things can work ... maybe we should start a discussion ...

31 Jul 19 10:47

wow 6h discussion you are best Admin ever, hope i will be lucky enough to maybe participate in next discussion, i was at work my bad :S, and btw Admin you are the best you rock

31 Jul 19 10:59

I agree with El Tarlo, too many changes in a short period of time, especially gameplay change, are bad. Because every change needs to be managed carefully. Also, I think you need to keep improving the graphics first and recruit a professional team to research and develop this game. That team should have at least one strategic thinker.

31 Jul 19 11:19

The biggest problem of the game are Orgs but in real there is no way to solve that problem that everybody is happy or even fair to most

31 Jul 19 12:22

NOOOOOOOOO Definitely, the community will lose a lot of players because they wont start again to raise their account again and after 2- years what will be the continuity? Another server?

31 Jul 19 12:58
Sherlock Holmes

im also against a new server. no need to write reasons again and again. u must improve this server and integrate new players to the current system. i have org but i think orgs must be removed for the sake of game.

31 Jul 19 13:37

Disagree. chupadme un pie de lado, poco a poco con deleite, como fingiendo que no os lo estais pasando bien cuando en realidad ya estais todo mojados.

31 Jul 19 14:51

Against new server.

31 Jul 19 19:53

open a new server, so we finally stop 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

31 Jul 19 21:51

New server .. but that the companies remain and money invested.

31 Jul 19 21:52

New server? I wont play it and i will stop playing this one o7

31 Jul 19 22:50

I am seriously shocked by the outpouring of intelligence from 99% of the players. Everybody must have learned their lessons from (that other game) where i believe it was 99% For a new server. While we realize you guys are doing this mostly in the hopes of making some money i have no good input for you on how to make That happen from an old server. Keep some CHEAP options open and you will probably at least have a small cash flow coming in.

31 Jul 19 22:59

No need for new server. Update this one. There is no need for explanation. People gave lots of reasons above.

31 Jul 19 23:15

NeW sErVeR

31 Jul 19 23:27

Against new server.

31 Jul 19 23:59
Lotreg Metalchin

I support new updsates just not new server. new server is always bad for us

01 Aug 19 00:28
Multi de chorrillano

you must do more events, to boost the economy

01 Aug 19 01:17

I am against new server

01 Aug 19 01:30

Šta oće ovi opet?

01 Aug 19 01:59

I am against new server.

01 Aug 19 05:42

Game is struggling both in economic and militar modules. Having a new serve now will only add a new source of perturbation.

01 Aug 19 12:05
Mister K

We dont need a new server, just fix the one we already have. Give people more energy to be able to spend the huge amount of weapons they are producing with the new bonuses. A new server will divide more people between those who will go to the new one and those who will stay here, improve this one that already exists and has a formed community.

01 Aug 19 12:34

Against a new server.

01 Aug 19 13:22

Create a new discord server, to make more easy comm

01 Aug 19 16:12

I dont see right piece of batlle display on mobile .

01 Aug 19 16:23

New discord server. I want to speak to your developers