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Published in Turkey - Political debates and analysis - 23 - 09 Aug 19 04:50

Hello my fellow friends.

As we all know the game has entered a new phase with our new administration. We have to give credits to them because they are trying hard compared to our old administration team. In that regard I like to support them with a suggestion that can change the entire game. This game is based on warfare and if we want to fix this game we have to start with battle system. Thats why we have to change it and thats why I wanted to rewrite this suggestion that I made some time ago. Please read and share your opinions so maybe we can change the situation. 


My suggesiton is that adding extra points per damage in every round. Right now as all you know first round gives 2 points, second round gives 3 points and last round gives 5 points. This will stay as it is but we will adjust some damage limits and the side who passes these limits will earn extra points. And whether a side win or lose they will earn these points if the pass that damage limit. For example limits for rounds will be like this;

In urban battle ( 1. round - weapon round ) 

Every 1.5 billion damage will count as 1 extra point. 

In land battle ( 2. round - tank round )

Every 3 billion damage will count as 1 extra point.

In air battle ( 3. round - air round ) 

Every 5 billion damage will count as 1 extra point.

So how this gonna work ?

For example there is a war between South Korea and Japan. In first round South Korea made 3 billion damage and Japan made 1 billion. In current state the scores will be South Korea 2 - 0 Japan. With the new system it will be South Korea 4 - 0 Japan. South Korea will gain 2 points for winning the round and 2 extra points for hitting 3 billion and Japan will gain 0 extra point for hitting 1 billion. 

In second round lets say South Korea made 3 billion damage and Japan made 2.5 billion damage. South Korea will win the round and score will be South Korea 8 - 0 Japan. South Korea will gain 3 points for winning the round and 1 extra point for hitting  3 billion and again Japan will get 0 extra points for their 2.5 billion damage. In current system the scores would be South Korea 5 - 0 Japan . 

Now we have came to the round 3, the air round. The round that everyone is waiting. Japan waited this round because its players just want to hit 4x damage with their q5 aircrafts. Right now damage score for sides is 6 billion for South Korea and 3.5 billion for Japan. South Korea is leading the score 8 - 0. Japan need to hit at least 15 billion to get 3 extra points and they need to win the round. In the end South Korea made 5 billion damage and Japan made 19 billion damage and failed to make it 20 billion. Japan will win the round and will gain 3 extra points for hitting 19 billions of damage. South Korea will gain 1 extra points for their 5 billion damage. The score will be South Korea 9 - 8 Japan. South Korea will win the war despite in general they only made 11.5 billion damage while Japan made total of 22.5 billion. Normally in current system Japan would have won. Scores would be 5-5 and because of total damage difference Japan would be winner however with this system South Korea won because they paid attention the first two rounds. 

As you can see guys this system can change everything in the battle arena. If this system comes to the game the wars wont be decided only in air rounds but the first two rounds will and even be more important. As all we know, all of the players that own air companies are just have 1q5 weapon and 1 q5 tank factory. After these companies they only keep establishing air companies. With the new system weapon and tank companies will be equally important. Their value in the market will go high and people will need them maybe even more than airs. 

Last minute rushes will not be the only tactic for players in the battle arena. There will be more economical options for players rather than just aircrafts. Special weapons like AK47, Panzers and Falcons will become extreme weapons and they will be used more often. Most importantly weapons and tanks will be more important than ever. This will resolve the ORG issue which players producing thousands of aircraft daily. You can see the damage that it caused to the game. Right now airs are cheaper than almost everything. This can make the economy and the game more alive. 


Thanks for your time. Untill next time, take care.


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Comments (23)

09 Aug 19 04:51
whisky warrior

o7 seems legit

09 Aug 19 05:03

not bad but I am not sure I prefer that over current one

09 Aug 19 05:05
Ferdi Carrefour

Vote patpak

09 Aug 19 05:51

there will be calculations over calculations that will lead us to error. a problem will be the energy and the gold recovered from the fight, the aerial fights are more profitable, I would use the card if I could only buy adrenaline. admini, should allow us to produce adrenaline q1, q2, q3, q4, q5.

09 Aug 19 07:03

@valentin calculations will be easy. its just simple mathematics

09 Aug 19 11:04

We endorse all citizens to form their suggestions in such way. Describe in depth and give examples so all players can understand what your proposal is. If you like any ideas please promote them , use vote and comment to show it as well.

09 Aug 19 11:10

Cool idea and btw Admin didnt change :)

09 Aug 19 11:25

The idea is cool and it reminds a bit of another known game, however i think this will benefit the strong countries even more since they get rewarded for winning rounds and also tanking hard. Smaller countries will never have a hope to resist.

09 Aug 19 11:29

It seems a good idea to start. Maybe some other players can share other ideas so that admin can evaluate any changes. I think as well that the actual system is not fair. Maybe we should also consider in leveling closer the damage per weapon, No one wants to fight weapons or tanks because they rank a lot more in air.

09 Aug 19 11:32

@safer mate tanking hard will consume lots of stock. in this times irreplacable stocks. thats why I dont think it will benefit big countries. on the other hand with the importance of weapon and tanks it will benefit small countries because they are cheaper and easy to build. big.countries can simply hit in air round and win wars but with this way they gonna have to focus on first 2 rounds aswell.

09 Aug 19 11:35

@melkorPT exactly mate. airs are the only choice for people because its benefits both economically and militarily. with this new type it will force people to fight in first 2 rounds. all in all it will bring more strategy to our limited warfare system.

09 Aug 19 11:37
Great Optimus Prime

I agree.

09 Aug 19 13:07

like tjis idea

09 Aug 19 14:18

Good idea. Svaka cast

09 Aug 19 20:20

I dont like this idea. Weapons and tanks damage are smaller than aircrafts, so people built aircraft companies (although the cost is higher) and now there are a lot of people producing aircrafts. Aircraft has become cheaper than weapon and tank. With this idea, aircraft will be a lot cheaper and more useless, so there should be 100% refund to degrade aircraft companies if this idea is implemented.

10 Aug 19 02:14

Yes of course

10 Aug 19 04:08

nah,current is better. stop trying to favor spammers

10 Aug 19 04:20

lol ofcourse because after you bought that account thats only way for you to win things. tell me how much you paid to gezi to get his account ;) ?

10 Aug 19 11:34
Elon Musk

not that i am a fan of him but what does that have to do with him not liking the proposed system, jesus christ

10 Aug 19 13:00

good idea. nobody wait until last round and weapons and tanks getting importrant

10 Aug 19 18:20

What if one side make 3.3 b and loser made 3.2?

11 Aug 19 07:10


11 Aug 19 21:53

@Nan1 it depends on the round but in overall the side who made 3.3b will win with that odds.