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Published in Russia - First steps in eDominations - 6 - 10 Aug 19 02:44

Hi, I have some suggestions for improving the game.
1) Add the region of arrival to the main page. This will help to navigate.
2) Add a tab - the current battle (the last battle in which he participated)
3) I also noticed that the movement is absolutely free, and the borders are open everywhere. Have you thought to limit this?
a) Fees for moving. To enter a country, its currency is required.
b) The Law on Closing Borders, on which funds from the state budget will be spent.
c) I would add a bank building. So that people can develop a currency exchange at a different level. Currency exchange will arise on its own.
Now, for example, 1 Turkish lira = 3.4 rubles
4) Are there governors, mayors, regional governments? Separation into a unitary and federated device?


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10 Aug 19 02:47


10 Aug 19 03:09
El Greco

I strongly support idea 3c and 4

10 Aug 19 03:30

Borders can not be closed because of resistance wars. However an entry fee could be implemented.

10 Aug 19 05:52
Elon Musk

Anything below the countrys central government is a nice idea but the game is not ready for it, we need many more players to implement something like that. Borders cannot be closed due to the resistance wars, it will require reforming the entire millitary module.

10 Aug 19 06:36
El Greco

Paratroop-ing: cant use bonus of the country, only to fight in RW’s. For using bonus of this country you should move to a region and the specific country should have approved law for accepting players of your country to the region. 🤔🧐

10 Aug 19 10:44

I wouldve support it, but I saw it was made by a newbie and probably a multi so no.