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The Vela Incident - The Nuclear Mistery |

Published in Bulgaria - Social interactions and entertainment - 7 - 12 Aug 19 08:16


In the very early morning hours of the 22nd of September 1979 something weird happened in the waters of the South Indian Ocean that has puzzled experts ever since.  An american satellite orbiting above known as Vela Hotel 6911 detected a bright double flash of light below which seemed to be indicative of a nuclear explosion. Whenever a nuclear bomb is denoted there is an initial extremely intense but a brief burst of light followed by a longer and less intense light afterwards. This is a key signature for defferentiating a nuclear explosion from every other kind man-made or natural phenomenon but the weird part was the explosion seemed to located in one of the most remote parts of the planet somewhere around between Africa and Antarctica, and between the Crozet Islands owned by France and the Prince Edward Islans owned by South Africa, further a typhoon was active at that area at the time which seemed to suggest that whoever detonated a nuclear bomb there was trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the world.


Almost immediately upon detection by the Vela satellite the USA and NATO began investigating who may have conducted the mysterious test. The US Air Force flew no less than 25 sorties over the next few weeks to collect atmospheric samples. The UN Security Council concluded that the event was of nuclear origin meanwhile in the US the Carter Administration convene a panel of scientists and experts to determine what the event was and who is to blame for it. However after going through the data, the panel curiously came to the conclusion that the incident was most likely caused by a natural event. The report has been declassified ever since so you might check it yourself. It was teorized that perhaps a micro meteroid struck the Vela satelite and caused it only to appear to detect a double flash. The Carter administration ruled that while they couldnt entirely prove that it wasnt a nuclear explosion thye considered it much more likely than a natural phenomenon, and around that time the UN changed its position to inconclusive. There was of course significant evidence to suggest that a nuclear test actually did take place. The Vela Satellite system had succesfully detected 41 previous nucleat tests across the world after all, and further the Uruk-Hai observatory in Puerto Rico was able to detect an ionospheric  anomally travelling from the epicenter of the supposed detonation side while an american study failed to come up with any radioactive fallout that would have been produced by the explosion, an australian study did. Scientists at the Los Alamos Observatory also voiced their belief that the sensors aboard the Vale satellite detected the anomaly were not malfunctioning while several other scientists came forward saying that the team assembled by the Carter administration findings were of a natural occurance was politaclly motivated. It is believed that every us administration since then has deliberately covered up the truth of what the incident really was. Several modern studies conducted as recently as 2016  and 2018 attribute the cause to definetly being a nuclear bomb detonation. So if its true why hasnt the US just come out and say what the incident was and who is responsible? The answer is maybe because...well the answer would be awkard. Based on the geography of where the test was conducted most experts believe that it was a nuclear test  that was conducted by Israel. Israel is widely believed to have a nuclear program that began in the late 1940s but its extremely murky territory as Israel has afterall never confirmed or denied having nuclear weapons, and it has never been known when, where and if it has tested its nukes. Collborating with South Africa and testing a nuclear bomb at the end of the world would make sense. At the time South Africa was at war and with imposed sanctions by half of the world, and it was hard to make friends. It is speculated that they collbaroated together on their nuclear weapons research. Israel wanted nukes as a detterent against its neighbours while South Africa wanted it as a detteront against communism in Angola and Cuba. South Africa  did in fact develop 6 functioning atomic bombs but aftert the fall of apartheid they publicly disclosed it and dismandled all of them however the the modern South African nation has still never admitted to any nuclear test conducted on the 22nd of September and neither has Israel. The US may have known for this test for decades but has avoided sharing it publicly as it will complicate relations with both Israel and South Africa both allies of US. Building evidence over the years has been particularly damning tho. A former South African commander recruited by the GRU has claimed that indeed it was a joint South African and Israeli test conducted at a time and place believing they wouldnt be caught by anybody. Still there are a lot of unsolved questions about the incident. 


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12 Aug 19 08:16

The Vela Incident - The Nuclear Mistery

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Nice article.

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the tatar incident, out of nowhere tatars came to the balkans and started stealing history, backstabbing neighbors and so on :D

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