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[Updates] Bonus Reshuffle + more (Day 840) |

Published in United States of America - Social interactions and entertainment - 28 - 13 Aug 19 06:54

Dear citizens,

the previous days we were working hard to improve game in multiple ways. We will brief you regarding our latest actions and announce you what’s about to come. First of all we took care of some issues on mobile version , where navigation menu wouldn’t stay open for you to access rest pages. We are aware there are some minor problems yet in mobile version , we have noted them down and will start to resolve them as soon as possible. It’s very important for us that you have a pleasant browsing in our game and you are able to access its features to the fullest.

We also noticed that you loved the x3 energy feature. We would like to announce you that x2 energy feature could be enabled permanently , so you enjoy more energy refills and the option to deal even more damage for the active citizens. Lately you are fighting much more in the battlefields and we love to see that. We encourage you to fight more , earn medals and make the game interesting in many ways. We are always here to discuss our ideas with you and make sure the best decisions are taken.

After a lot of proposals made in our latest articles , we promised you there will be a bonus reshuffle. This update will be alive from tomorrow Day 841. We strongly believe that announcing it just a day before will give all countries (most organized and less ones) the same advantage to study the new bonus map and take decisions for your diplomatic relations. We also believe that this change is really necessary to freshen up the game and increase your motive for economic and military domination. As we have explained you before , this game requires strategy and it’s fundamental to use the map the correct way to reach your objectives.

We are very glad to see more and more players to register in our game. We want you to be sure that we will keep our updates momentum and promote the game in every possible way. A lot of you actively support us and we would like to make it public we use these funds to advertise the game and attract more players for you to enjoy a game with more competition and opportunities. You can spread our game link in the web as a free help , make a post in your favorite forum or chat group with your friends. Our changes aim to bring more people and provide them a balanced environment to build up their game knowledge. We always reward you and newcomers for following the rules and create a better game for all!

Invite more players gives you the best possible advantage in the game!

Thanks for the support!


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13 Aug 19 06:59


13 Aug 19 07:03


13 Aug 19 07:04


13 Aug 19 07:06

I m sick of map resets. Why do we always have to reach new bonuses while we have already fought for current ones hard? No. You can not punish old players in order to make community alive. As Turkey and Spain we already fighting in every battle with our organised community. However in every map reset we are the ones who gets punished. You are losing your most active two countries in game but you are not aware of that.

13 Aug 19 07:11


13 Aug 19 07:16

Its good to reshuffle bonuses from time to time. Voted

13 Aug 19 07:17

Cryers will cry while we, the rest, will enjoy game

13 Aug 19 07:28

Great changes . Thanks admins o7

13 Aug 19 07:28
Atena Stark

x2 energy is boring... you just want to get rid of overproduction. Another game of this sort tried the same anda lost players.

13 Aug 19 07:30

New map, new friends and enemies, i like it :)

13 Aug 19 07:31

Ok, change org region fore free too?

13 Aug 19 07:44

ohh sheeet here we go again.

13 Aug 19 09:00

Please give orgs one free region reset option. Also, make it possible to work in orgs with a single click.

13 Aug 19 09:54

Game design - too many colors are no good. Make light design with fewer contrast colors. Right now its a bit hard for me to navigate through the game. More blue less red. It makes it easier for the eyes to see fields and places. My eyes burn from so many dark colors on the same page. Thanks.

13 Aug 19 09:54
count zero

We encourage you to fight more THEN REDUCE THE RESISTANCE WAR COOLDOWN

13 Aug 19 09:58

Amazing job, turks are gonna cry now. Hue

13 Aug 19 11:52

Deflection this is new chance for you. In Bulgaria?

13 Aug 19 12:46
Robert E Lee

Great, facons factories?

13 Aug 19 12:51


13 Aug 19 13:11

selling my account

13 Aug 19 13:55
Sr Iki

Muchas gracias por el trabajo ADM

13 Aug 19 16:24
Winston Hope Smith

Reshuffle gets my vote

13 Aug 19 19:09
I Am Mad

Invalid price while selling RAWS!!

13 Aug 19 23:19

just do not give all the bonuses to poland in core third time

13 Aug 19 23:50

good job

14 Aug 19 06:57


14 Aug 19 13:07

a very stupid reshuffle of the resources this time it is the second time then you block us

17 Aug 19 15:46

Adnin we dont get aircraft from Weekly Challenge.