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Hey guys
I have a idea about Strength , Ability Workout area
Alot players doesnt back to game , because they doesnt train Strength , Ability and they are weak
I asked from my friends for back to game and they answered me , we didnt play game and our Str , Ability are low
If admin add new Strength , Ability workout area with 5-10g price for each day.

These Workouts have limit , Strength under 15000 , Ability under 1400
Just pay by gold

I want know your opinion about my idea


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21 Aug 19 10:11

Good 😍

21 Aug 19 10:13

couldnt agree more

21 Aug 19 10:14

@Koblla admin need your opinion and i think he is agree

21 Aug 19 10:27

That is to high, i have 16K strenght training for 840 days more or less and new player after 30 days has 15K dont know it just doesnt feel right

21 Aug 19 10:31
Secret Melody

I want more strenght too.

21 Aug 19 10:42

 @HrvTenk but they must pay alot of golds for that and they left the game , they have alot of diffrenet with you

21 Aug 19 10:49


21 Aug 19 10:51

There is beginners pack for 9.5 Euros that gives you 13.5k of strength, 200 gold, and after that you get medals like crazy that will help you to build up TG, factories. You literary need one day to max up your TG...

21 Aug 19 11:53

@Undead its about one more level , after beginner

21 Aug 19 20:19


21 Aug 19 20:25


22 Aug 19 00:22

good idea

22 Aug 19 01:34

Dear Terrorist, we planned the game in a way for new players to catch up really fast until 13.500 strength points. For the time being we will leave that as it is , so players that constantly play since Day 1 are not cancelled and their effort. As a new player you should have a relative disadvantage compared to older players who tried harder to earn their place in the eWorld. Abilities are special attributes and we will consider if there will be some change , again up to some point that older players will maintain a fair advantage. Thank you for expressing your ideas/suggestion in public , we wish you understand our positions as well.

22 Aug 19 14:04

Thats an injury about the players who are here 2 or 3 years training every day...