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[Updates] Latest Updates and Progress (Day 867) |

Published in United States of America - Social interactions and entertainment - 25 - 09 Sep 19 05:14

Dear citizens,

this week was very busy for us , since we made a lot of improvements in every aspect of the game! We want to thank you once again for your support , suggestions and help those elements keep us motivated to continue our work to constantly upgrade the game! Read our progress since the last Admin News!

After many suggestions to change the mechanics of opening Resistance Wars we decided and applied the following. From now on every player that clicks START resistance war , will get 5 second cooldown to be able to click that again. We wish to provide a fair competition for all of you , make sure you gather many players when you try to open important Resistance Wars. Thank you for showing us ways to improve the fundamental aspects of the game.

A new feature we created for the game is the latest Laws slider. It is very important that you are able to be briefed about as much information as possible through our homepage and you loved this update! Also it includes information about latest battles outcome to give you a further idea of what is going on our eWorld!

Another visual content update that you loved is the new inventory in battlefield. This change applied to users with Level 50 or more , so you experienced fighters enjoy it. We set that requirement to make sure new players dont activate their Adrenalines by mistake , since that would be a trouble we are not able to resolve. Now you are able to activate your Adrenalines without the requirement of changing weapon and then reload the weapon you used to fight. At this point we should mention we look for a Graphics Designer to help us with redesigning battlefield. We wish to refresh our visual content in battlefield and any of you can apply , simply via sending a message to us - Admin profile. We will discuss furthermore for every detail in personal.

Alongside with rest visual updates , we also updated the packs we offer at Store. The previous style was indeed too poor for our needs , thank you for pointing out. A lot of players suggested us to create an Energy Pack for those who wish to buy Energy. In order to satisfy your needs, but also maintain the balance in game we created an offer for 9.90€ , limited though to 2 purchases every 30 days. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wish to support us actively, be sure though we will always protect the free-to-play spirit of the game as well!

Moving to community news we are very glad to announce you that next weekend a HUGE babyboom will take place in our game! We have communicated successfully with few countries and we take action in promoting the game in larger scale! We will approach a site with 1.2 MILLION instagram followers and a great amount of site traffic to promote our game! Never hesitate to contact us including such proposal , we are always ready to take the extra step after  reviewing the methods of promotion you provide us. New players is our biggest goal and we will work towards that direction constantly! There is also a new Youtube video , which a player of the game created in co-operation with us. We would love to read your comments both here and under youtube comments section as well! Keep in mind our social media are very active and we post content coming from you players as well. Invite your friends over there to take a taste of what eDominations feels like! (watch photos,videos and more)

Last but not least as always we encourage you to discuss with us about improvements on the current game system. We expect from you to give us some reasoning for the updates you are asking and surely take into consideration the needs of many and not personal benefits only. We always reward kind observations for bug fixes , suggestions that truly promote the active gameplay spirit and players that invite their friends! We always strictly moderate new players before we reward you , so the game is fair for all!

Armed Combat event will be live from Day 868 - Day 882 with NEW REWARDS. After these 2 weeks we will come back with new event

Once again thank you for your support! Leave a comment below with your ideas or suggestions to  discuss it furthermore with the entire community!


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09 Sep 19 05:15


09 Sep 19 05:15


09 Sep 19 05:18

no jackpot formula, no more euro .... Hazard game

09 Sep 19 05:40

40 q5 and 100 drink.....again The rich get richer and The poor get poorer

09 Sep 19 05:50


09 Sep 19 06:13

Dear Admin, my Q10 Org has become useless. It is currently located in a low-bonus region. My 2 relocations options have mysteriously disappeared in the past weeks. Please make orgs useful again or just refund the thousands of gold people had invested in them.

09 Sep 19 06:14

good news and updates.......but energy pack not good...i am agree with @2ping......@admin make limit for changing CS .....countries in each government period must just can accept 10 request not more.......we see some players change their cs just for using bonus and change their CS when they want PTO other countries easily and many strong players go there for defeat other strong countries......for example see china and Germany approved request in last month that they have 17 and 37 respectively approved request.

09 Sep 19 06:20

@42520 +1

09 Sep 19 06:24

Good job!

09 Sep 19 06:47
Franky Four Fingers

nice :)

09 Sep 19 06:48

Cry more about China. People already have a 10% damage debuff after changing cs for 10 day. Admins should not impose limited mechanics. It hurts the gameplay. This is a simulation of geopolitics gamem not a please iran crybabies game

09 Sep 19 06:55

Limiting sc is beyond stupid. You have a 10 days damage reduction when you change your cs which is more than fair. I think the packs you offer in your story must be a 1 time thing each month. Also i suggest adding a button for the sniper ability - so we can be able to turn it on and off whenever we feel so. Other than that good job.

09 Sep 19 09:17


09 Sep 19 09:21

Nice keep going

09 Sep 19 09:43
Mpari gas

Amazing video good job

09 Sep 19 09:50

thanks for battlefield change

09 Sep 19 09:56
Secret Melody

Great work!

09 Sep 19 10:31

GORAN approves

09 Sep 19 13:31

@fLYING WTF?! I didnt even....ok its true I approve! :D

09 Sep 19 15:32

Nice.. o7

09 Sep 19 16:27

Hola, busco a paraguayos que quieran placticar conmigo

10 Sep 19 04:31

The new featute that enables you to consume adrenalines quickly is very nice, but the buttons are at the wrong place. I have accidentaly cosumed adrenalines while trying to click the close button after fighting. I suggest moving the adrenalines button below the fight button.

10 Sep 19 08:32

Cocos +1

10 Sep 19 19:37

You are doing good job lately but please take another look at ability system. Re-balance it, re-purpose it, re-name it, ... something. As it stands only two traits are somewhat useful, those are Sniper (witch requires a lot of stacked energy to be useful) and Destroyer(if there are working together). Medic is practically non existent since last change and Artillery does so little extra damage, you need to be extra careful to even notice it . I just think payoff for at least two abilities is too small to justify investing 0.89 gold per day. If nothing else, delete useless abilities and just call it Sniper (ability).

11 Sep 19 06:29