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Dear citizens,

todays article sole purpose will be to present and explain you our new virtual currency - eDomium! That feature was implemented yesterday and we had no time to go further in the details!

First of all allow us to help you understand the reasons behind such an update. We wish for all citizens to be able to enjoy our Store premium items such as Gold offers, Warrior Packs and so on! We respect that many of you dont have the funds to support a purchase and that is totally fine! A new way had to be introduced so every player with a positive way for the game would be able to reach those items! Hereby eDomium came up and became our eWorld reality!

How it works
: Make sure you read carefully the following statements as we will explain in every detail the current possibilities of eDomium.
eDomium is a currency created to return extra value coming from your purchases! For every Euro spent on our Store you receive 10% of that value as eDomium. An extra 1% of that goes to the player that invited you in-game if there is any. Example : A purchase of Large Warrior Pack - 49,90€ will reward you with 4.99 eDomium points! Citizen that invited you in-game will earn 0.499 eDomium!

Most offers at Store are now available to be purchased with eDomium! Instead of Euros you can pay the same amount displayed but with eDomium!. You will be able to see the eDomium payment method only when you have enough points for that offer. Otherwise the normal Paypal and Stripe options appear.

At the moment eDomium isnt tradable. You are allowed to request a donation of eDomium to another account ONLY via Personal Message to our profile (click here). We will explain more about our thoughts for the future below.

The future
: We have a lot of plans to make eDomium a very important factor in your gameplay. As you see we created the opportunity for any player to access our Premium Content, while the real meaning of free-to-play is preserved! Now everything relies on you and your efforts to bring more fun in the game! Every purchase by your friends can boost you directly to your goals! We want to create the ability to sell eDomium for golds, so you will become even more independent and be able to rise the amount of golds and combine it with inviting your friends to give you a steady income! 

Everyone should be able to feel the joy of the premium, as long as the Rules are not violated and the game is promoted. We truly wish that players who spend a good amount of time here have the ability to purchase the Warrior Packs, even without spending money of their own. Battles are fierce and there is no time to lose in our eWorld! Energy is a constant need and we want you to be able to compensate it! With this update everything truly relies on you and your wish to become STRONGER!

We always welcome your suggestions and feedback, so feel free to leave a comment below regarding your thoughts. For any kind of requests please provide a valid reasoning, so we can keep a productive dialogue going on. Most importantly read the article carefully to understand exactly the dimensions of our latest update and think of positives ways to use it on your own advantage!

In conclusion as you can see we always stand ready to keep our promises and work hard in every possible way to improve the game! Share the game with your friends , visit our social media pages and support there as well. Every form of support you show to us , we wish to convert it to more players and better gameplay experience. Never forget the game is always more fun and competitive when you share it and create memories with more players!

Thanks for support!

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You are doing amazing job!

06 Oct 19 04:34

eDomium - crypto currency 😎

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06 Oct 19 04:57

Back to the game after a long time

06 Oct 19 05:35
Secret Melody


06 Oct 19 06:57

great updates my support o7

06 Oct 19 06:57

ok. Gracias !!

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Good job ...sounds very promising

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Franky Four Fingers


06 Oct 19 09:44

Good job!

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Lol...everyone saying how great it is, unless I missed something still the same garbage. The player willing to spend RL cash is the only one going to advance, same old same old.

06 Oct 19 17:30
Pablo David Costa

Gracias, Mucho trabajo le veo cara de Cansado. Que Presidente que periodista, que golpe sobre Usted, QUESO SUIZO.

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Franjo Tudman

more pay to win, nice

07 Oct 19 10:25

what pay to win? you are not obliged to spend euros but if you do get something better in return

07 Oct 19 13:39

unlike other games that ask 70e for golds best offer o7

28 Nov 19 23:06
Bang Toyib

Make Withdraw Menu, not just Investment.