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New alliance: United Nations |

Published in Denmark - Social interactions and entertainment - 3 - 07 Oct 19 13:51

Hello everybody! I will be short and direct. I know you knew United Nations was created like 2 weeks ago, but we were busy enjoying the game, and having a good time with allies and a couple battles. Our position is neutral, we are a new side, we dont serve to big countries, we dont follow any dictatorship country, we just play for fun and for helping small countries to develope.


Also, another small communities asked us for joinning, and we will see if we must create new articles for welcoming new members.


1º. Enjoy the game and laughing at those who cry hard.

2º. Liberating wiped communities, for they have, at least, one region.

3º. Protecting small communities from the attack of bigger communities.

4º. Punishing those countries who wiped communities.

5º. Giving fun and activity to the game, with useless wars.

I want to be clear again and to say that we are a new side, we dont have problems with any alliance, we just want to give fun to the game, to enjoy our time in game, to laugh when someone cries, and to revive communities, for this game keeps progressing.


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Comments (3)

07 Oct 19 14:44
The Godfather

the old anti-chiken s ?? :v

09 Oct 19 02:49

be creative, call it nations united :D copyright considered :D anyways, good luck! o/

09 Oct 19 06:01

Vivat United Nations!!!