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Proposal to Admin Team |

Published in Luxembourg - Social interactions and entertainment - 17 - 08 Oct 19 01:13

Hello e-world, i hope you are doing great :P I decided to lay down some small ideas i have to make the game more spicy as well as make WRM-HRM-FRM more usefull than they have become with the overflow of them in some countries.

My ideas are the following :

1.Introduce a new strategic Building !

-Either it will be a military type such as a Rocket factory which will use a simple formula - Q1 weapons + Q1 tanks + Q1 airs + 600 wrm = Q1 rocket -
up to Q5 quality with variations the admin can balance on the costs.

2.Bring back the LK progression bar

Not long ago Admins had made an LK progression bar that would reward players with an LK of various quality depending on the hits he has done during the day, it was something interesting and it enhanced fighting a lot.Personally i liked it and it made me chase it up to a point to complete as much as of it as i can during a war.

3.Change the Hospitals health regeneration!

The game hjas reached to a point where most active players have at least around 1500 e and many have 2000 e as a threshhold. Yet a Q5 hospital gives you 250 e per day for each person, most games of this type once people reach a certain power level this change is implemented into doubling the energy given to keep up with the players.

In adition to this, if the admin deems this apropriate. This update can also be escorted with new Field Hospitals for players to buy, so that players which have invested a lot can still get an edge on energy compared to newer players.

The biggest proposal i kept for the end, since it is changing basically the war mechanics for CPs and Strategists.

4. New War Mechanic - Morale or Atrition -

Like in real warfare, once a city for example is surounded, troops are left without reinforcements or sufficient supplies thus their fighting capabilities are reduced significantly. One region that is not connected to the capital with a route is considered cut off and the defenders on the regions receive a pentalty, it can be damage reduction or something interesting such as weapon used limit for each defender.

If an allied state In same alliance has connection to that region then the Atrition debuff is only 50% since in a war allies help with supplies and routes as a real warfare example.

This is a very short summary and i encourage the admins to ask me or discuss with me for more details on this if they are interested.

Yours Truly,


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08 Oct 19 01:18
Fighter 007


08 Oct 19 01:24
El Tarlo

New strategic building ... even if i have many low q companies i dont think that this will make any difference. For 1-2 weeks i think prices will be high but after a while many Q5 rockets will produced because i think that there are people with lots of golds... About the LK bar , i really loved it and was a nice motivation to try make a few more hits for another 1000 hits... About the hospital regeneration ... i have many hospitals if you want to buy and it would be good if it gives you for example a +15% of your max health (to try make people use housepacks for better result). About the war mechanic interesting it sounds but many people invested in the previous mechanics and if they start crying ..... sad

08 Oct 19 01:31

I agree with 1. since it would get some weapon stocks out of the game and give the possibility to use those stocks for something else, such as the rockets as mentioned above. 2. Can you clarify what LK progression bar is? I may have forgotten about it altogether haha 3. I dont mind that idea. However the admin sees fit. :) 4. Agree with atrittion. Gives the war module a kick in strategy.

08 Oct 19 01:35
El Gran TITS

Hi Jafar

08 Oct 19 01:45

@Taijin every 1.000 hits players would get rewarded an LK with a max of 5.000 Hits and every day it resets. Thats the LK progress bar but it didnt stay for long though most players liked it.

08 Oct 19 02:59

Agree with hospitals and LK bars, but dont agree with the last idea. There is already a big bonus for attackers to a surrounded region, if you add also debuff to defenders, that region is completely lost, no reason to even defend it.

08 Oct 19 05:39
El Gran Terminon

agree only with LK ...hospitals do not need to change anything ,a player with 2k energy bad wouldnt care for 250 energy ..hospitals are great help for new players...

08 Oct 19 07:19

safer bot on duty

08 Oct 19 07:59
El Tarlo

+1 DonG

08 Oct 19 08:06

I only agree with LK/Adrenaline progress bar..

08 Oct 19 08:16

The 4th change is meant to stop the overpower. If a country is strong enough he can have a colony 20 regions away with no connections as a base forever if they defend it fiercly every time. Recent example with Turkey in Europe where a whole alliance was not able to kick them out of there completely. This applies to both enemies and allies, it makes Alliance even more usefull cause allies offer supply to those regions and the debuff is smaller. As well as makes strategic locations far away harder to keep as it should be. Sheer power should not dictate the game but tactics as well.

08 Oct 19 08:24

no to war system change

08 Oct 19 08:45

Bybatu crying already xd

08 Oct 19 08:52

no common sense, its idiotology thinking like that.. easy way to kill game

08 Oct 19 09:52

You simply dont like it cause it would work against many stronger countries :D If you want to have a foreign base why should it be easy for you to keep ? How does it make any sense a strong country to be permanently somewhere regardless of distance cause they just want to :P

08 Oct 19 10:11

Agree totally.

09 Oct 19 20:10
Pablo David Costa

In dispear, all game or virtual war, introduce sofislly conception, demand to poblation a new cret.