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Economy-Resistance wars |

Published in Greece - Financial analysis - 16 - 18 Oct 19 23:13

A country which is wiped for long time has no economy.

1. reduce the cooldown period of the resistance wars to 24 hours
2. if a country is occupied by more than one countries give the possibility to open multiple resistanse wars to all the occupators
3. Add an attritiion - determination penalty for the occupator.

The community of an occupied country if has no chance to be liberated, will vanish and this is not good for the game. Also if they decide to hibernate there will be no active wars but only training type wars.

In long term if a community stops to be active this will affect the global economy, because a considerable part of citizens will stop consuming.


NesalomivDobroDeTicTacMFtsiggerHal0001hermes79Grand Moff TarkinGrand Moff TarkinGrand Moff Tarkin

Comments (16)

18 Oct 19 23:23

loserrrrr you are loseerrrr loserrrr lalalallalal loserrr

18 Oct 19 23:31

how to get free, when in the last battle you fired only 3b. i know that many of you are out, but you had to land you have to shoot more

19 Oct 19 00:18

@nesalomiv you are 0 in this game ,dont speak...dobro most of greek players left Greece ,the remaining players cant shoot a lot also in case you didnt notice un last rw your side dealt 25b+ with no medals to keep Greece wiped,i dont care but make a favour in all edom and dont cry all the time fir the huge Colombia .. cause this way Colombia will become even stronger and no one of you got a chance against col

19 Oct 19 00:37

El Gran you are loserrrrrrr multis contry off losrrs

19 Oct 19 00:42
Extint Bleedem

Nice suggestions in favor of the occupants but i see none for the occupators... 😃

19 Oct 19 01:38
count zero

Δια if you want a balanced game there are not

19 Oct 19 03:55

1st, idea to give some penalty to country which possess, a long time of period wipe country, is actually interesting idea - would be something new in the game. 2nd Greec ppl should be more organize and know how to ask for help allies instead of just sitting and waiting for it Yesterdays battle was proof how should ally work (im talking about oposite side) and a little advice Zero find someone who knows how to lead ppl

19 Oct 19 04:03

you should rethink about Allies / where were they ? And agree with TicTac

19 Oct 19 04:36

Nesalomiv the absolute noob, the total zero, the disgrace of the game.

19 Oct 19 07:34

ktab loserrr

19 Oct 19 08:03

2 months in game, you DISGRACE of homo sapiens, or simply homo, and i am double the player you are.

19 Oct 19 09:17
Extint Bleedem

Beef ktab nesalomiv 🍿

19 Oct 19 09:17
count zero

TicTacMF if you know someone let me know

20 Oct 19 04:18
Grand Moff Tarkin

I know a few things about being wiped and its not a good thing but i have to disagree about some things. First i agree with part2. Multiple RWs might give some chance if the occupied is well organised to liberate at least 1 region and also this can make more people to stay online and take care the last minutes of the RWs if something is about to happen the last minutes. About part1 , the current cooldown IF YOU LOSE THE RW is ok for now. Making it 24hrs i am not sure that can help the occupied except of draining the other. Imagine what if you win the RW and have to wait 24hrs to open a new one ... ?? About the part3 , if i want to rent a region for example 2-3 months why should i have a penalty ?It might be better if instead of a penalty the cost of the RW might be lower or the occupied WITH CITIZENSHIP might have some damage bonus in order to be free and not all the players who fights for liberation to have some kind of bonus. Thats my personal point of view ....

20 Oct 19 08:24
count zero

i mean 24 hours IF YOU LOSE THE RW, there is no cooldown if you win if you want to rent, there is no problem because you want open rw :D

21 Oct 19 10:59

no no and no these suggestions are ridiculous, organize with your ally and improve your diplomacy ,