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Dear citizens,

we have a lot of interesting news as always! In this article we will explain how the event Last Stand will function, what is about to come in Black Friday and more. Please read carefully and leave a comment including your feedback. We appreciate it!


Tomorrow in-game Day 927 a new event called Last Stand will start! This event will be damage-based, therefore to earn rewards you must deal more damage than your friends. It will last including Day 933 and rewards will be given away at Day 934. The requirements to take part in that event are the following :

- Experience Level 20 or higher
- Low Segment : 14.000 strength until 15.000 strength
- Medium Segment : 15.001 strength until 16.000 strength
- High Segment : 16.000+ strength

The rewards you will find out tomorrow when the event will be LIVE. Please take note that if you exceed your segment strength limits you will be placed in higher segment.

Many of you want to know if there will be special offers for Black Friday. In order to reply to all of you officially, YES we have prepared something for you! We will give you a little tease about those offers. There will be a 10€ and a 25€ offers including a huge variety variety of items! We understand the true meaning of Black Friday is to provide CHEAP prices and we want all of you to take part in that celebration! Both offers will be available only once for purchase to make sure pay-to-win is limited. Stay tuned to find out more.

The existence warfare event also finished with success. Few of you commented rewards werent satisfying. Be sure we listen to your feedback, but that event included a special medal. As we have mentioned in previous articles, we provide you with events and always try to improve every aspect of them. We truly appreciate your feedback as the game constantly grows the events and entertainment will grow as well.

In conclusion as you can see we always stand ready to keep our promises and work hard in every possible way to improve the game! Share the game with your friends , visit our social media pages and support there as well. Every form of support you show to us , we wish to convert it to more players and better game play experience. Never forget the game is always more fun and competitive when you share it and create memories with more players!

Thanks for support!

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Comments (18)

07 Nov 19 09:51

A črni petak popusti na firme?

07 Nov 19 09:51

njab :D

07 Nov 19 09:56

Low segment 14000-15300 str Medium segment 15301-16600 str High segment +166001 str 😁

07 Nov 19 10:04


07 Nov 19 10:27

High segment 17+

07 Nov 19 10:49

voted good job

07 Nov 19 11:08

(facepalm) Black Friday notoriously meant Discount of building prices, of course that was LOO-ooong ago. Like maybe a year or so. (facepalm)

07 Nov 19 11:29

So this mean there wont be any discount on bf ? 😥

07 Nov 19 11:59
Franky Four Fingers


07 Nov 19 12:58

Admin leave us alone :)

07 Nov 19 13:17
Lady Valentine

Admin you the best!

07 Nov 19 14:38

AIR BALLOON?! 😂😂😂😂🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

07 Nov 19 14:57
AVC Khalifa


07 Nov 19 20:41

means Black friday just for visa players....and normal player must just watch admin :(

07 Nov 19 23:37
Bosnia tank


07 Nov 19 23:42
B o i k o V

Well,to be honest its not like the Admin team revealed everything there will be and wont be for Black Friday.Wed just have to wait and see I guess :)

08 Nov 19 02:52

Interesting guys good job

08 Nov 19 05:37

goran approves