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Published in Luxembourg - First steps in eDominations - 3 - 17 Nov 19 06:39

- Achievements -

As you follow the numerous activities in eDominations, you will find out many of those activities are rewarded with a Medal! Each citizen at Profile has an Achievements showcase where all medals are displayed. Medals also reward you with an amount of gold for each time you accomplish them. Play in a smart way and medals can also become a major source of income for you to climb up in this eWorld. Let us explain you in more detail how to earn them.

Hard Worker : This medal is awarded every 30 Days that you have clicked the WORK button. This medal is awarded ONLY for being employeed and not work as manager option. Working with house do not count as additional working day! You earn 5 golds.

Congress Member : This medal is awarded for every time a player become congressman by elections. Congress medals are not awarded for becoming a congress member by Minister position. You earn 5 golds.

Country President : This medal is awarded to players who are elected for Presidents of their countries. The medal is not awarded when player become President by impeachment law. You earn 5 golds.

Media Mogul : This medal is awarded when the player reaches 100 Subscribers for your Newspaper. Newspapers are the most common way to express yourself in eDominations and gain popularity. Make sure you publish content that does not violate eDominations Rules, create your unique content for your readers to appreciate and stick with your article series! You earn 50 golds.

Battle Hero : medal is awarded when a player achieves the highest damage in a single battle round for any side (no matter if the attacker or defender side). The medal is awarded both for direct wars and resistance wars. You earn 3 golds and 5 Energy Drinks!

Campaign Hero : medal is awarded to the player with most damage in an entire battle (including all 3 rounds). Only 1 citizen earns that medal and must have the most total damage of both sides. You earn 5 golds.

Note : Damage from all 3 rounds summed up could earn you the campaign hero even if you dont earn a Battle Hero or your side lost the battle.
Resistance Hero medal is awarded when a player starts a Resistance War to an occupied region and that region gets successfully liberated. You earn 5 golds! 

Super Soldier medal is awarded every time a player achieves new 250 Strength progress - which means medal is awarded first for 250 Strength, then for 500; 750; 1000 and so on for every new 250. You earn 5 golds!

Society Builder medal is awarded for every invited (also called referral) player who reaches level 20. There is no limit to how many players you can invite and there are multiple benefits. For every level up, medals and gold purchases of those players you invited - 10% of this gold is added too in your stash ready to be claimed. Society Builder activity is one of most profitable actions which can bring gold profits every day for each actively playing referral. You can find your referral link with which to invite players into eDominations in Store section, same place that you can claim your golds! Society builder earns you 5 golds.
Promising Future  Daily TOP 10 damage dealers in the 2 categories 0-99 Experience Level and 100-199 Experience Levels earn that medal. 50 Gold reward.

Be brave and you will be rewarded! Fighting at battlefields can reward you in golds also! There are some requirements, but fighting for your country is always profitable! Alternatively you can support your allies or the resistance side to earn progress in the following Achievements!

True Patriot :medal is awarded when you fight for your country and you achieve the damage milestone required. You earn 4 golds.

True Ally : medal is awarded when you fight for your country allies (other countries that your Country has signed Mutual Protection Pact). This medal applies only for Direct War battles. You earn 4 golds.

True Revolutionary : is awarded each time you fight for Resistance side in a Resistance War and achieve the required milestone. You earn 4 golds.

Note : If you participate in your country revolt and fight for it, you gain True Patriot damage and not True Revolutionary.

eDominations Supporter : Veteran Pack will be awarded to every player for 150 days activity in eDominations, counted from today.

Veteran Pack consist: 200 exp. ; 20 Energy Drinks; 2 Q5 life kits; 100 mortars ; Special medal called eDominations supporter which gives 5 gold

The only way to have this medal is the Veteran Pack.

Top Fighter: Simply deal the highest amount of damage any Day of eDominations for that day. You earn +15 Q5 Adrenaline Doses.

Strong battles can reward you with extra medals! When a battle reach 100.000 hits the following medals can be unlocked. Then based on which side you fought for and the result of the campaign you might earn one of those Achievements.

Conquer : Deal the highest amount of damage for YOUR side (as attacker/any country) and win the battle! You earn +25 Q5 Adrenaline Doses.

Defender : Deal the highest amount of damage for YOUR side (defender/any country) and win the battle! You earn +25 Q5 Adrenaline Doses.

Wiper : Deal the highest amount of damage for YOUR side (attacker/any country) at the last region of enemy country and win the battle! You earn +35 Q5 Adrenaline Doses.

Savior : Deal the highest amount of damage for YOUR side (defender/any country) at the last region you are protecting and win the battle! You earn +35 Q5 Adrenaline Doses.

Challenger : Complete the Weekly Challenge to earn this medal along with 5x Q5 Adrenaline Kits extra!

eDominations : Each 365 Days you have logged in to eDominations you earn this medal (upon visiting your profile page). You earn 500 Gold, 50x Q5 Adrenaline Kits, 1000 Energy Drinks.

Legend of a month : Every month TOP 10 damage dealers in the entire game earn this medal! No special prize comes with it, aside the collectible (rare) medal!


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