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Military Unit and Organization Relocation |

Published in Luxembourg - First steps in eDominations - 4 - 18 Nov 19 02:29

- Military Unit and Organization Relocation -

Starting with relocation we must claim there was serious changes to the previous mechanics of eDominations in that aspect. Make sure you read carefully how relocation works! 

* Military Unit and Organization relocation are two separate process you must follow. You may Relocate your Military Unit, but Organization requires different steps to be followed.

* Only Military Unit Commander can APPLY to any country for relocation and needs 100 Golds in personal account (not ORG) for the application to be sent

* Only Minister of Defense of that country which Commander applied for can accept the request and has to pay 100 Golds from personal account (not Country Treasury)

* A 90 Days cooldown is placed after the request was sent. This cooldown is NOT cancelled even if the request was rejected by the Minister of Defense. Golds are not refundable.

* You are able to perform the relocation infinite times, as long as the requirements mentioned above are fulfilled.

Some screenshots follow to help you understand in visual way how to perform the relocation.

Commander has to visit Military Unit and click in top right corner the GEAR icon to be redirected to Settings. Then choose a Country and click EDIT :

After that request was sent Minister of Defense can find Relocation requests at Country Administration - Military tab. That citizen is able to accept (pay 100 golds) or reject any request.


Organization Relocation :

There are two ways to relocate your organization. 

The first one is related to your organization following your citizenship country. In order to be able to change your Organization location, you must first claim your ORG to your profile. Log in to your Organization via Military Unit and then visit the Organization Settings (gear icon). You will find the Claim to Profile button, which will detach the ORG from Military Unit and attach it permanently to your profile.


From now on to access your Organization you will have to visit My Buildings - Companies and click the suitcase icon as displayed in the picture below. To relocate your Organization now you have to change your citizenship and the ORG will follow accordingly. You may relocate like this infinite times, citizenship requests are accepted only during 16th of each month.


The second way of relocation allows you to change the location of your org, once in 90 days, without changing your citizenship. But remember that if you do change it, the org will still follow you and override the location. To do that, again your org should be claimed to profile, like it is shown for the first way of relocation.

When your org is claimed in your profile and you are not under 90 days cooldown, you can start the relocation process. The cost is 200 gold and it is taken from the profile of the Governor that accepts the relocation. So you should get in contact with him before initiating the transfer.

You should visit the office of your organization, which can be done from the Companies page. At the bottom of it you will see a dropdown menu to pick the country you want to move your ORG to and a button to apply.


Once this is done, the Governor of the country you want your ORG to go in needs to accept it. This can be done from the Country Economy page and the button in the top right, like shown in the screenshot.


Clicking on it shows the screen with pending applications. Once the Governor accepts, 200 gold is taken from his personal account and the org is transferred to the country successfully.



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could be eliminated the raw material factories of the ORG

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MU nationality changes cost 200g 100 each from applicant and 100 from the one who accept ?

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