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Dear citizens,

a lot of news and changes once again since the last Admin News. Make sure you read our Admin News articles to follow up the latest updates and information!

Baby Boom
event finished and we are very pleased with the results! As we promised the TOP 20 citizens in leaderboards would receive eDomium rewards. We are happy to see you invite your friends and we are able to reward you for that. We hope the next time such an event is introduced even more citizens will understand how important for you it is to participate and earn such rewards! Our wish is for every citizen to be able to access the premium content with activity and positive impact in the game.


Hard Fight event is back and will be running for the following 2 weeks (including Day 964). The rewards will be given away at Day 965. Now allow us to explain you how Hard Fight event structure was changed in order to provide even better competition between the segments! We definitely hear your feedback and we are willing to tweak any mode of the game, as soon as it fits the entire community! Do not suggest us changes that will only benefit you personally or a small group of players. We wish to provide a fair worldwide competition and we will work towards that direction and only!

How Hard Fights works : 

* Damage based 
* Only citizens with Experience Level higher than 23 AND Strength higher than 14.000 will count in active population
* Small Segment 2% of active population
* Medium Segment 2% - 5% of active population
* High Segment 5+ % of active population

Now that we summarized about the latest information regarding events, lets move to our latest updates. The chat was upgraded a lot as you have noticed! A refresh button was placed so you are able to statically update only the chat without refreshing the entire home page! More over we tweaked the cooldown mechanics and now your overall chatting experience will be much faster! A scroll option was added as well so you do not have to go down to the bottom of the home page to find out the last of displayed messages. Wikipedia was also upgraded visually to make sure you can use our directory very fast to find out any information you are looking about. All those upgrades came to improve the functionality and your daily routine in eDominations. We wish to provide you even better functionality in every module of the game and we are working hard towards that direction!

Last but not least we have to congratulate some countries for understanding the meaning of community building. As you can see Bulgaria, Indonesia, Brazil and Spain have a vast progress in population regards! We would like to encourage all countries to follow their example and understand the only way to dominate in this eWorld is to have the most active population! There are no other excuses, bring your friends here today! Our promotional offer as Administration that we gift the Beginners Pack still stands and we are ready to help every new citizen to understand the game! We are looking for websites to promote our game with paid promotion, of course free promotion is also in our interests, feel free to contact us with such information! As always we use your financial help to promote and advertise our game, so you can enjoy more competition and meet even more citizens from all around the world!

Thanks for support!

https://i.ibb.co/kJdFNbP/s1.png https://i.ibb.co/2yqnW2Q/s2.png https://i.ibb.co/rybbqjm/s4.png https://i.ibb.co/85H3h5S/s3.png https://i.ibb.co/q5y8Fxx/s5.png


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Secret Melody

Firssst!!! 50 golds maybe?

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01 Dec 19 02:55
Franky Four Fingers


01 Dec 19 04:09

edominations i tesni picki

01 Dec 19 05:20

Admin,can you make a list with all the countryes in every segment?

01 Dec 19 06:22
Experimento 626

I am not sure what is considered ACTIVE players, but Ireland seems to be WAAAaaaaay outclassed in this event.. I am sure we are not alone, but can only see top 3. Ohh well, cant win them all. :-)