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Published in Romania - Political debates and analysis - 22 - 12 Feb 20 02:52


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12 Feb 20 02:57

Good shout mate, finally something that isnt copied/ borrowed from other games or better still an article without butthurt or tears

12 Feb 20 02:57

might as well remove the market then

12 Feb 20 03:09

Thank you for the suggestion. Despite that I have to say your suggestion will not help the development of the market. It is true that competition in that Buyers Market will be high and directly trading with golds, but do not forget that economy policy of each country is handled via currency ratio and it differs from country to country. We love the depth local markets set in our eWorld, there are contracts to cover direct trades with protection for citizens.

12 Feb 20 03:15

I believe different currency for each country should stay as important but this market will force states to afiyet their policies according to this. Also an another thing. There could be global exchange market with this aswell. So maybe not only gold will be user but currencies will be used too.

12 Feb 20 03:17
El Tarlo

Its very good to share ideas !! Voted and supported even if i believe that national markets is the best for countries and players. Countries can get profit from taxes and also there is the embargo option .... As for a market for gold .... i think we can have that kind of market for Hospitals and DS ... i dont think that selling raw for gold is good idea ....

12 Feb 20 03:20

@El Tarlo. Yes thats why I added embargo to here aswell. You dont be able to trade with citizens of country if that your or their country declared embargo to other one. You will be able to see the offer but you wont be able sell your stuff to that offer.

12 Feb 20 03:33

boşnak kusturmalı

12 Feb 20 03:40


12 Feb 20 07:25

Nice sugestions

12 Feb 20 09:13
Vojvoda Vuk


12 Feb 20 10:08

V ünlü olmuşum

12 Feb 20 10:36

Oh. Did you use your VISA be4 this suggestion? No? Then is bad suggestion

12 Feb 20 10:47

exactly bro :D

17 Apr 20 02:22

kahkaha tufanı

17 Apr 20 02:24
Eddie A

I am afraid, I must disagree with this suggestion. I will kill off small country markets and their economy. I use my countries market, my stuff usually sells off in a day or two whenever I put it. I get CC which I then trade for golds. Thats the basic mechanism of economy system and while using that system, I also pay taxes to my government. Small countries use that taxes and golds to makes laws. Not all countries have big visa with huge gold deposits who can fill in treasury whenever a law needs to be proposed. The current market system also ensures the circulation of country CC.

17 Apr 20 02:25


17 Apr 20 02:42


17 Apr 20 02:42
Eddie A

it will kill off*

17 Apr 20 02:46
Franc Rod3 V Kristusu

some things have to be reconsidered before implementation

17 Apr 20 03:17


17 Apr 20 04:34


17 Apr 20 06:18
Trendo Brand