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Ideas for adjustments [Part 2] |

Published in Bulgaria - Social interactions and entertainment - 12 - 12 Feb 20 09:08

Hello everyone,
im here again with some new ideas that i believe could improve our game.
So lets go right into it.

1. Citizenship notification

Players can change their countries a lot here. But if you are/were prime minister to your country you most likely noticed that you have to check the citizenship requests all the time and that is really annoying. Most of the time you even forget to check and someone who applied for citizenship would already found new country. I believe this is going to be easy job for admin team to do and will be accepted by the players.

2. The upcoming mass production

Honestly, its too early to talk about this but in my opinion this will become an issue in the future. I know its taking incredible ammount of time and resource to reach Q15 ORG but when the majority of players get to this momment the markets will be flooded by aircrafts. Reducing the productivity is absolutely wrong to do here and would piss off the players so that is out of the question. 

99% of the players are here for the military part of the game. Everyone wants to fight, right? Non-visa players have limited energy per day that they can burn. Im not good mathematician but even if you spend 24/7 here and farm everything you could you still cant gather a lot of energy. Even if you are super lucky and be rewarded only with energy from Armed combat. And this is my first proposal.

Armed combat X2

What about second armed combat per day? Example: you finish all your armed combat tasks for today and it restarts so you can do it again. I think that current rewards there are GREAT and should not be changed at all. I know that i said im not good mathematician but lets do quick maths here:
If 100 accounts do the current armed combat daily that burns 20 000 aircrafts. Which is the daily production of maybe 3-4 Q15 orgs? Let me know what you think about this in the comments.

My second proposal

Make one whole week per month with X3 energy. Including the weekend. As simple as that. I really dont know what to include here. I also think that most players would love that.

3. Limited or increased price for Energy packs.

I heard that there were already such ideas in administration of the game. I have no idea what would be better to be done here: limited or with increased price. If there is a limit which is in a reasonable boundaries of course i believe this will improve the game a lot more. Right now one person with this unlimited energy can be one-man-army. With limited packs each CP/MoD can count-ish how much soldiers and hits he would need to win a battle. 

Personally if i see someone is fighting harder than me or my country, my first thoughts would be to try and bring more players so i can fight harder next time. But if i know that there is guy with no limits on the other side..that would only demotivate me from playing at all. 

Waiting for comments, critics and more creative ideas, good luck everyone o7


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Comments (12)

12 Feb 20 09:10


12 Feb 20 09:12

X2 armed combat When you finish the first one, second could be x2 more hits than the first one with more valuable rewards

12 Feb 20 09:18
B o i k o V

I would agree on the x2 armed combat only if there is some limit to the ammount of energy visas can get.Tho again smaller players will struggle to get even the first event let alone the second one which will be mainly for the visas anand the already settled in players.Other suggestion i agree fully

12 Feb 20 09:18
Viribus Unitis

@Ghost that sounds amazing!

12 Feb 20 09:20

x2 Armed Combat is good. But it should be done with the Ghosts way

12 Feb 20 09:23
Viribus Unitis

@Mycroft right now is really easy to make 1 full armed combat. With activated house pack and no Energy Center boost im making it without any problems and still manage to save arround more than 2000 energy for the next day. Also new players can spend some percent of the energy rewards in the first armed combat so they can achieve the second.

12 Feb 20 09:28

+1 for double armed combat

12 Feb 20 09:57
Franky Four Fingers

I love these ideas. However we should be careful with energy packs and visa players.

12 Feb 20 10:09

All 3 are good ideas. +1912

13 Feb 20 01:00
El Tarlo

v+s ! Interesting ideas ! Also i have to agree with Ghost about armed combat. After the one finishes you will need x2 hits for the extra prizes. Now as for the energy packs , i am against of an increased prize without increasing the energy in the pack. As for limitation i would agree for example 1 energy pack per week... One man army ....except one farmer army .... can win 1 battle in a day .... if you lose the other day from the same 1 man army or if you cant liberate that region from the one man army ... you make something wrong ! I mean 1 man (not farmer) army cant win a war/campaign .... only a few battles.

13 Feb 20 01:10
Viribus Unitis

@El Tarlo, the increasing price would have cooldown. Example: you by 1 energy pack for 10 euro and in the next 8 hours the price of the energy pack is 15 euro, third pack 20 euro etc.

13 Feb 20 10:26

mass production is here already, dont know how long are you playing but expect air cost around 1.5g very fast and still there wont be people to buy them, it has been seen before when were less ORGs, with current situation there will be no more real wars only training ones (and that has been seen few times)