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Brave soldiers of Allies! Tanks! Destroyers! 2 clickers! Chinese Imperial Soldiers!

On this glorious 1023 day of eDominations we did it! Chinese Imperial Forces led by Amel and Qin entered the capital of Croatia Zagreb! After months of bloody battles all around the world, clever strategies, staying awake till morning both sides fought till last man, never steeping back from battlefield. But on end no one cant stop Chinese hell march once it start.

I want to use this chance to thank our old friend and Hero Cronuss and new ally Celio, as well to all nations who helped reach this outcome. But today all glory goes to China and our legendary commander of Assassins Amel


                When Amel saw this recommendation from our Emperor he decided to visit it. And he did.


Rest of Chinese Imperial forces under command of our glorious Emperor Grant joined on this expedition as well.


As for enemies, Nebra i am coming for you so be ready :DDD You know i cant play without you.

So lets the game begin. Shiroe has spoken!

By Shiroe at 8th December 2019.




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12 Feb 20 10:26


12 Feb 20 10:26


12 Feb 20 10:28

Ez o7

12 Feb 20 10:28
Qin Shi Huang

One more thank Celio for boats, we couldnt enter floated ZG without his help...

12 Feb 20 10:28

Nebrita is currently arrested and being held in a cage by the Bulgarian Millitary Corps. We are accepting ransom. Stay tuned for more news.

12 Feb 20 10:31

please publish your article in braille, nebrita cant read like cause his eyes are totally swollen from so much tears

12 Feb 20 10:45


12 Feb 20 11:09

Идемо и Загреб !!!!! Где су слике!?!!!?

12 Feb 20 13:53

I dont se China what are you talking about, i see Italy in ZG. Hail Italy and Celio you finally made it after weeks and weeks of trying, there is nothing to be said more, congrats

12 Feb 20 14:35

Shiroe my friend you said China will come to ZG, that would be something to boast of, to bad you choose the any mean necessary way to wipe Cro...

13 Feb 20 01:50


13 Feb 20 04:37
Ikta Solork

italy is china, nebra

13 Feb 20 05:25

Italy is italy, china is china, please tell me its the same XD

13 Feb 20 07:04
Bosnia tank

Jel isto konj i magarac ? :)

13 Feb 20 08:52

nebra just plays dumb cz hes butthurt :DDDDDDDD

13 Feb 20 10:18
Ikta Solork

As the old saying goes, If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Italy is led by chinese players, fought for by chinese players, funded by chinese players. If you are so deep into denial, then sure, italy is a country with 4 players which holds 5 croatia cores now, but I would say it makes you look even worse than you are now...

13 Feb 20 11:30

So you came to Italy and its not Italy any more its China because its managed by few ex China, germany, colombia people? Dont know how to call country with all you there but i will try to use your logic, if it says on the map Central Croatia owned by Italy and its the same colour as in their core and writes Italy than it must be Italy for sure... you are missing my point you cant honestly think its the same if you came with China and wipe us or by Pto dead neighbor county, sign all MPP and start attacking? Only thing same is wipe we have no core, but wipe from China would be something to say, the way you do things matters that the thing, so no, Shiroes promise is fail and i wont count it, when i see China in ZG then ill buy him a beer and congratulate

13 Feb 20 22:55
Fighter 007