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[Suggestion] Stat System |

Published in Norway - Political debates and analysis - 8 - 13 Feb 20 02:23

Hi! If I have to introduce myself, i am a player and an amateur designer which is making mods for strategy and rpg games at steam workshop.
I have a lot of space time these days and i saw ideas about this games at articles so i want to share my ideas too. I just share one of them to see your and admins opinions about these things.

Stat System: In this game, every character is almost same. Just ability thing is different and i think we need to see more specific stuff on this game so i have an idea to customize our characters. 

Land Commander: Every lv adds 0.7% output damage for guns. (Group 1)
Armored Vehicle Commander: Every lv adds 0.55% output damage for tanks. (Group 1)
Air Commander: Every lv adds 0.4% output damage for plains. (Group 1)

Weapon Producer: Every lv adds 0.2% bonuses for all Weapon Factories. (Group 2)
Builder : Every lv adds 0.2% bonuses for all Building Factories. (Group 2)
Food Producer : Every lv adds 0.2% bonuses for Food Factories. (Group 2)
Business Man : Every lv adds 0.1% bonuses for all Factories. (Group 2)
Raw Factory Owner : Every lv adds 0.5% bonuses for Raw Factories. (Group 2)

Athlete Man : Every lv adds 1 more energy per 10 min. (Group 3)
Lucky Guy: Every lv adds %5 luck to drop boxes. (Group 3)
Doctor: Every lv adds %3 more energy for energy bars and adrenalines. (Group 3)

You can choose only 1 stat per group.

Lv 1 to 3: Every lv need 1 point
Lv 3 to 5: Every lv need 2 points
Lv 5 to 10: Every lv need 3 points
Lv 10 to 20: Every lv need 5 points
Lv 20 to 30: Every lv need 10 points.
After Lv 30: Every lv need 20 points.

It is good but how to get points? I think it can be with a medal. - and special events maybe-
We have a new medal! Collectors Medal: - Get medals as many as you can - To get first Collectors Medal, you need get 3 medal. To get second one, you need to get 5 more medal. Third one is 7. Fourth one is 10...
It will be fixed at 50. In the end every 50 medal you get, you will get this medal too. What will give this medal to us? 1 Stat Point.

For example, If you have like 3.000 medals. You can make 20 lv a stat or 10 lv three stats. It is up to you.

I want to see your opinions so please write a comment.

P.S. : Numbers can be changed, i didnt focus on numbers.


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Comments (8)

13 Feb 20 02:45

acá le dejo mis dies

13 Feb 20 04:11

making each of us more unique, would really be a cool stuff

13 Feb 20 04:15

Say no to commies, everybody should be different !!!

13 Feb 20 05:15

These thing seem grear. I LOVE IT!!!

13 Feb 20 08:23
Sherlock Holmes

Awesome idea

13 Feb 20 10:02

This is imposible, maybe possible for some but it is STILL imposible its hard to achieve.. You can be Messi in game or C.Ronaldo but in real you can do what he can .. or they can .. Maybe you are right if that work work or maybe can ruin the Game .. every game needs upgrade but or why dont you make your game with that.. needs team .. there is plenty of games the concurrention or....

13 Feb 20 12:58

too complicated.

13 Feb 20 20:00

@AislinnAFK actually it is complicated only for game programmer. You just need to play game, you will earn points by automatically and you can spend these points wherever do you want.