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Published in Indonesia - Social interactions and entertainment - 21 - 21 Mar 20 09:24

Before going into my article, I hope all is well with you and be in good health. God bless us.
Hi, Miracle here.
A couple days ago, I was thinking about what can we do (as community) for the upcoming eDom birthday on April. Since I have a lot of free time due to Work From Home policy, why not we do a little facelifts? So here we go.

Admin has contacted me about this design on Friday (since I sent it to him first). But due to limitation with mobile version of the game, some parts have to be adjusted and reworked by them. 

Below is the changes I made and I am planning to do. Feel free to leave your comment about my design and give me any suggestion about the upcoming changes, so I will put it on my to do list and pass it to Admin.

Be safe and keep playing eDom,
Changelog as 20 March 2020:

// Visual Improvement //
- Color scheme changed;
- Font changed to Myriad Pro and Zekton;
- Top header icon, color, reworked;
- Sidebar icon, color, missions, details, reworked;
- Daily Assigment (Daily Task and Daily Order) new style;
- News Stat new style; (but due to mobile version limitation, it will be adjusted)
- Collector buildings reworked; It has button to change the view to Crates - Dice - Disaster, which has the same material design as Armed Combat box. (but due to mobile version limitation, it will be adjusted)
- Armed combat , and other events reworked;
- Shoutbox reworked;

 // Upcoming //
- Rework the Battlefield Page (28-03);
- Rework the Country Page (28-03);
- Rework the Message and Alert Page (29-03);

// Suggestions //
- Add notifications / alerts when someone like, dislike, and comment our shouts, and linked to the shout;
- Add notifications / alerts when houses are nearly expired, timer of 24 hours;
- Add pop-up or sounds alert when we have full energy;


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21 Mar 20 09:27


21 Mar 20 09:35

this is no miracle, this is not by accident. Congrats bro ❤

21 Mar 20 09:37

u are love

21 Mar 20 09:37

Thank you for the amazing co-operation and designs! Looking forward to improve every aspect of the game visually.

21 Mar 20 09:46


21 Mar 20 09:55
Riyan BG


21 Mar 20 10:02

First time i see a miracle with my own eyes

21 Mar 20 10:28

Perfect, very good job mate O7 a personal and nitpicky opinion, but the green color of recover energy is a bit too dark and I wouldnt have the stripes over the bars and over companies,battlefield,get reward.... IMO that ruins the modern feel of the design? Constructive criticism, otherwise its perfect. Very welcoming.

21 Mar 20 16:20

Miracle for president. respect for the nice work

21 Mar 20 16:43
Franky Four Fingers

Hats off

21 Mar 20 18:06

Great job

21 Mar 20 19:23

Sick gj o7

21 Mar 20 19:25

Nice.. o7

21 Mar 20 20:14


22 Mar 20 06:30

good job!

22 Mar 20 07:04


22 Mar 20 12:21

this is a real Miracle xD bro, any chance to add keyboard shortcuts? not sure thats on your hands, but since you are improving the game, things like shift + m takes you to military page, shift + b takes you to battle page, and so on with each section

22 Mar 20 18:00

Mantap bah o7

23 Mar 20 08:18

Good job.

23 Mar 20 08:55


23 Mar 20 13:01

Hi, Miracle here. A couple days ago, I was thinking about what can we do (as community)