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Dear citizens,

many interesting updates took place in eDominations lately. To summarize before we explain the changes in detail, we have fixed some borders in World Map, added new countries in the area of Middle East and had a lot of progress with our Wikipedia Translation Project.

We have an interesting proposal to make for future update, an idea we have been working on lately and it is up to discussion with our community.

Lets begin with the borders and neighbor relations we have corrected in the World Map, in the area of Kosovo region we had some minor problems. Now everything has been fixed and borders work in optimal way. Soon the World Map representation will be visually updated too, you can see the changes on region pages. Thank you for the sharp observation and feedback that you provided us to help us improve the World Map to work in an optimal way.


At this point we would like to officially welcome the new countries that participate in our game. https://www.edominations.com/public/game/flags/shiny/24/Iraq.png Iraq, https://www.edominations.com/public/game/flags/shiny/24/Jordan.png Jordan, https://www.edominations.com/public/game/flags/shiny/24/Lebanon.png Lebanon, https://www.edominations.com/public/game/flags/shiny/24/Palestine.png Palestine, https://www.edominations.com/public/game/flags/shiny/24/Syria.png Syria, we hope that you will fill your country and communities with population and enjoy eDominations. Surely many players have joined lately from those countries and more will follow.


Before we proceed with our suggestion for a fresh idea that we wish to implement into our game, let us show you our progress on Wikipedia Translation Project. Every day more language directories are included in the Wikipedia. We have to remind you that after you contact us and we assign you which language we need to be translated (you need to be native speaker) you earn up to 1.000 https://www.edominations.com/public/game/menu/gold.png for the full translation.

We must thank our citizens who had a very warm reaction to this idea to help us unite the Wikipedia in the languages which currently eDominations is offered at.


At this point we will present you the new feature we wish to bring to eDominations called Country Relations.

New feature - expansion of country relations
    Political module expansion ( laws etc )
{ Predefined NAP law with its options )

Country Relations -
    Each events occured by governments will effect in between 2 countries. These effects will be valid only when related law pass. To give small insight about this feature, let us expose you some examples;
    When Algeria signs MPP with India, they will increase their relation for 1 point.When Algeria Passes the law for trade embargo, their relation will lose 20 points. With the case above -19.Relations will be represented in two ways. 1- Karma, 2- Sum of the entire relation.
What is the use of these points ?

    Relation of 2 countries in between each other will have an effect on their gameplay while it lasts. To give an insight, take a look at this example;
    If Algeria and India has 20 points ( Ally state ). Citizens of each countries will earn more golds from TRUE ally medals depends on their positive relation. They will pay lesser taxes, their relocation will cost lesser, their citizenship changes will apply lesser debuff and will cost lesser.What if these 2 states would have -20 points ? They will be called as enemy states. To travel enemy state, your cost will be higher. Taxes will automatically increase in case if you use any kind of market, sales, currency exchange. Raising RW on these states will cost you higher than before since authority of other state have its radar on other.

As we always have mentioned before, this is an announcement of upcoming changes in this fall. Examples are hypothetical to give you insight and imagination for understanding our goals.

    Possible winter expansion will be on regions, trade routes ( like spice road etc ) , specific regional items, culture characteristics and many more.

Thanks for support!

https://i.ibb.co/kJdFNbP/s1.png https://i.ibb.co/2yqnW2Q/s2.png https://i.ibb.co/rybbqjm/s4.png https://i.ibb.co/85H3h5S/s3.png https://i.ibb.co/q5y8Fxx/s5.png


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18 Aug 20 11:35

kutgw o7

18 Aug 20 11:36

Add Chiloe

18 Aug 20 11:42
Aria hunter

@admin Add sea wars and sea borders.....also add way that we can use 20% bonus of region that not directly connected to the capital

18 Aug 20 11:42

The country diplomacy will have a proper meaning like this. It also expands several mechanics and makes them much more important. Me likes it. v

18 Aug 20 11:42

Nice idea o7

18 Aug 20 11:48
B o I k o V

Good stuff

18 Aug 20 11:50
Sr Iki

Add Chiloe

18 Aug 20 11:51

This is great!

18 Aug 20 11:57
Perrito Cumpleto

Add chiloe

18 Aug 20 11:58
Wisconsin Guy

I really dont like entrenching alliances even more so than they already are. Could result in a major damage disparity becoming permanent

18 Aug 20 12:02
Elon Musk

Great ideas

18 Aug 20 12:07

Nothing interesting

18 Aug 20 12:12
Admiral Firmus Piett


18 Aug 20 12:25

@admin on map we still have border :/

18 Aug 20 12:32

And in Rasina and Toplica missing Raska ..

18 Aug 20 12:37

Cezayir hindistandan ne istiyor bi türlü anlamadım mk makaleden

18 Aug 20 12:50

Interesting ideas o7

18 Aug 20 12:51

@pukovnik the map will get updated a few hours after the article had been published automatically.

18 Aug 20 12:51

Add Catalán Wiki

18 Aug 20 13:04
Shimazu Pasha

Where is news about Macedonia oh sorry North Macedonia? Оr you are ashamed to write about it

18 Aug 20 13:35


18 Aug 20 13:39
Fighter 007


18 Aug 20 14:16

Best o7

18 Aug 20 14:25

add morocco

18 Aug 20 14:29
Franky Four Fingers

Thanks Admin team for Your work! Respect to You all! This idea of relations is very interesting. Though I havent time to consider weak and strong points of it yet

18 Aug 20 14:49

great idea admin about this diplomacy thing! nice!

18 Aug 20 14:53
ScymeX Jr

Like for country relations

18 Aug 20 15:23

Very nice ideas!

18 Aug 20 15:50
Ceca Mecata

Something to write about Republic of Macedonia?

18 Aug 20 16:22

Nice idea, except for the cost of raising RW. I think it will decrease the number of battles.. :(

18 Aug 20 16:51

I like Country relation...!

18 Aug 20 17:00
Alcek IYI

Seems good.

18 Aug 20 17:18
Lambe Alabakovski

dead game

18 Aug 20 18:04
Republic of Macedonia

Who these updates for ? Palestinians ?? Lmfaoooo

18 Aug 20 18:32
Martin M

Adding new countries, losing few nothing wrong

18 Aug 20 21:04

Add Hispania

18 Aug 20 22:57
Diana Haddad

Good job. But speaking of borders, why does Cyprus only border on the North and South and not on the East?

18 Aug 20 23:55

Interesting idea!

19 Aug 20 01:22

Vvvv excellent job this game never Fails to amaze me

19 Aug 20 02:13

It will be interesting

19 Aug 20 02:50

You forgot to add the mythical Republic of Skopje

19 Aug 20 03:12

Amazing... the last part is really interesting. Keep adding countries to the game :)

19 Aug 20 04:04


19 Aug 20 04:04
Ognen Mozok

Language Македонски(Macedonian) GAMA will cry again

19 Aug 20 05:05

No Chiloe No Vote

19 Aug 20 05:08
Monke 69

No CHILOE no support

19 Aug 20 08:42


19 Aug 20 10:55

Border isnt fixed in Serbian regions!

19 Aug 20 12:55

No Chiloe?, No visa.

19 Aug 20 17:01

I wonder why Indo does not have a border with India.. hmm..

19 Aug 20 21:53

Republic of Macedonia ....... never north...... admin must change that or many real Macedonians will leave the game forever

20 Aug 20 02:32

@admin you must solve the country name issue.

20 Aug 20 07:20


25 Aug 20 01:02

good : )

01 Sep 20 09:35

Kosovo must be independent of Serbia. It must not be part of the Serbian state. For the reason that Kosovo has been independent since 2008