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Published in Croatia - First steps in eDominations - 0 - 26 Apr 17 10:53

The most common questions

1. How can I add some1 on my friend list?

2. Why I cant upgrade my Traning centar?
Now something about wars/battles.

Each battle last for 24h.
And during 24 hours there are 3 round each 8h long.
In first round,you can use weapons for making extra dmg and winning that round gives 2 points.
Second round is round for Tanks,and reward is 3 points.
Last round gives 5 points and you can use helis for extra dmg.
now,what if result is 5-5(one conutry wins first 2 rounds,and they lose last round)
In that case,winner is country with larger dmg dealt(total damage,all 3 round)
1. Energy Bars (recovers your energy,most players save them for important wars)
2. Fight 
3. Your dmg dealt in that war
4. Choose your weapon (you can also fight without any weapon)
5. Damage per round
6. Total damage per country
7. Total damage of players

For more infos about war,check wiki.


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