Stress Point (new feature), Artillery/Destroyer Update (buff) (Day 1.238) |

Published in Luxembourg - First steps in eDominations - 23 - 14 Sep 20 06:59

Dear citizens,

a new feature will be introduced to you called Stress Point, we will explain how it works in detail.

- Every time work happens for over level 50 players or ORG ( no level there ), country increases its STRESS POINT depends on bonus ratio.

- Example; country has in total 20-50-20 = this would mean 90 points of bonuses in total. So each work would cost you 90/10 = 9 points.

- Each 500 points on a country where citizens produce will give an advantage of %1 extra damage on RW been opened against them.

- Example;
{ Country Albania has total points of 100 bonuses. Albania has non-core region. each work ( one time a day ) would increase their stress point to 10. So if 50 work been done in Albania, resistance wars against Albania would gain %1 extra damage ( whoever fights in these resistance wars ).

- Lets say day 1300 Albania gathered 500 stress points, this will be in effect at day 1301. Day 1301 300 points then it will be on effect at day 1302. So it will calculate the stress point depends on the day before.

- Stress points can be stacked maximum to %10..

- Each day Stress Point is based on the calculation from previous day (citizens and ORGs which worked in that country).

You are able to find out how many Stress Points your country has gathered , simply visit Country Administration - Military Tab.

Artillery has been updated as well! From now on for the last 1 hour of each round (any battle) the artillery ability will have a +3% damage boost for the remaining of the battle

Destroyerhas been updated too! From now on for the last 1 hour of each round (any battle) the destroyer ability will be able to damage defense system and break it.

Defense systems are now can not be broken if battle is a resistance war.

New country perk added. Called hardcore resistance. for 2 perk points you will have +10% on your own resistance wars ( only your country resistance wars ) for 2 days.

You can request for an ability change token, if you wish to try out the new ability.

Do not forget that Magic Balls event will end at eDay 1241 23:59, so make sure you have claimed whatever loot you wish from the event store.

We strongly appreciate your feedback, feel free to leave a comment including your suggestions or wish for the future of eDominations. Together we work for a better game day by day!

Thanks for support!


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Comments (23)

14 Sep 20 07:05
Extint Bleedem

where is country relations .. . .

14 Sep 20 07:09
Major Tom

Lot of stress anyway

14 Sep 20 07:15

came here to find some tutorials for boycot but didnt find it 😬 GLHF

14 Sep 20 07:25

Limit unlimited gifting of packs!

14 Sep 20 08:06


14 Sep 20 09:12
B o i k o V

Good update again! Well done!

14 Sep 20 09:28

I dont understand 😅

14 Sep 20 10:34

Now everyone would like to move their ORGs to Spain,so they can get extra damage in RWs

14 Sep 20 12:08

And what now ? We must shoot 6 h on DS ? This is shame .... Why we uppgrade n destroyers ...

14 Sep 20 18:35

The Destroyer ability seems like a nerf xD..

14 Sep 20 21:46
John smith


14 Sep 20 23:35

From now on destroyer is the worst ability..

14 Sep 20 23:46
The Beast

We want free token for ability change to everyone so we can use when we like itm without asking admins and destroyers seem pretty destroyed with this update. bad update

15 Sep 20 01:30
John Doe

Can we get full company refund on DS because we will not be able to sell them as we did before this update? You destroyed destroyer and DS companies with one update.

15 Sep 20 01:45
Sir Burjak


15 Sep 20 05:45
Nicolas Furia


15 Sep 20 15:56

Destroyer ability debuff is only reasonable if Admin freezes attacked regions such that no DS can be installed in a region during any battle for that region. Also, if we cannot destroy a DS in resistance war then the same DS should not affect our damage against the occupiers, either.

15 Sep 20 22:02

@Bikkin, DS doenst work in RWs, it doesnt reduce any damage. The problem was that people could put DS in RW just to break it and get 8% boost. This was stupid to be allowed. Now, DS cannot be broken, which makes much more sense.

16 Sep 20 00:50


16 Sep 20 02:26


16 Sep 20 03:06
the player


16 Sep 20 05:20


16 Sep 20 05:58

Malpicci: it is alright then, but it is still an insane idea to reduce the availability of destroyer skills to 12.5% of their former self and still allow to install defense systems during a battle.