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About Rakija |

Published in Croatia - Social interactions and entertainment - 20 - 22 Sep 20 00:01

Whats rakija?

Rakija is strong alcoholic drink most similar to Vodka, only 10 times better with nice, sweet taste.
Its made by distilling fermented frutis. Rakija usually has around 40% alcohol in it, but some homemade ones can reach up to 60%.
Its usually made out of fruit, here are some of the most popular rakijas:

Lozovača - made out of grapes
Šljivovica - made out of plums
Mareličarka - made out of apricots
Kruškovača - made out of pears
Jabukovača made out of apples
Dunjevača - made out of quince
Smokvovača - made out of figs

While rakija is truly a good and tasty drink, its not recommended to drink a lot, 2 shots at most, you can get drunk easily. It is really strong and sweet.
Well that were some interesting facts about rakija. If visiting croatia is on your bucket list, trying out rakija should be as well.

Sir Lancelot,
Minister of Foreign Affairs RH


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Comments (20)

22 Sep 20 00:06

Hail Rakı.

22 Sep 20 00:11

Rakija connecting ppl

22 Sep 20 00:41
whisky warrior

v+s nr#2

22 Sep 20 02:37
The Guardian

Bravo o7

22 Sep 20 03:51

you earned drunkard trait

22 Sep 20 05:17

you forgot viljamovka D

22 Sep 20 05:20

rakija form peaches PEACHKA

22 Sep 20 05:40
Sir Lancelot

Mane, I havent forgot dont worry. There is just a lot of them I listed only some of them beacuse list would be very long. As Mule said, rakija made out of peaches - breskovača, for more examples: viljamovka, medovača, travarica, orahovača and so on :)

22 Sep 20 05:51
Jerry The Mouse

Prijatelju, brate, kume pa di je TRAVARICA ???? Pa ne radi mi to, srce me boli, prolazim popis ponovo i ponovo i suzu mi na oko tjeras...

22 Sep 20 06:07
Sir Lancelot

Kolega Jerry, napisao sam da se najcesce od voca prave pa da ne bunim one strance koji ne znaju o tome, ali naveo sam u komentaru. Ispricavam se ukoliko sam te povrijedio🤣

22 Sep 20 06:27
Jerry The Mouse

Kolega Lancelot, dobro sam, popio sam dvije travarice da se smirim,

22 Sep 20 11:35

Taste my Pálinka then Ill taste your rakija

22 Sep 20 12:56

jimmy lehet baratsz palinka :D

22 Sep 20 23:02

Incredibile !

23 Sep 20 00:20


23 Sep 20 05:13

I like my rakija with zadnjica

23 Sep 20 09:07


23 Sep 20 09:13

2 shots? Düden better dont drink at all.

23 Sep 20 09:59
Sir Lancelot

Hadriel, we are acting nice here.

23 Sep 20 11:47