I am Quitting eDominations |

Published in Iran - Social interactions and entertainment - 31 - 27 Sep 20 00:01

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while and since then Ive been having thoughts of Quitting eDominations.

And now I have made my decision and i Will announce if right now.

Sadly im quitting eDominations

Its been a great Journey, met a lot of new People, but i must go on.


now time for some beatbox videos for my biggest fans Extint Bleedem, deserveR and Gembelung

I will show you all how much they support me right now




Now time for the beatbox videos.

Have a Great Day Everyone! o7


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Comments (31)

27 Sep 20 00:02

Good luck in RL! o7

27 Sep 20 00:03

موفق باشی

27 Sep 20 00:06
Extint Bleedem

Good luck in RL. My comment was for the spam articles (on my view) you were making.

27 Sep 20 00:20


27 Sep 20 00:21
Trendo Brand

jealous over your 16 top journalist medals

27 Sep 20 00:31

Beat box fan here. You almost got me, bro. I would be disheartened if you left.

27 Sep 20 00:57
B o i k o V

he got us in the first half not gonna lie

27 Sep 20 00:59

stay here

27 Sep 20 01:07
Roudoudou loves you

good, one less useless journalist in the game

27 Sep 20 01:21

@Roudoudou loves you please article to the end :)

27 Sep 20 01:26
Secret Melody

For real, I think you should stay and ignore those negative comments. I am also very hated by many players of this community. Think this is only a game, and we all have a created rol. Probably those who insult you here could love to drink a beer with you in real life, or even being good good friends. This is a game where we all are actors and make a rol. Do not worry and just enjoy. Try to stay with all this I am saying and you will look the game different. In the beginning I took things to personal and affected me in real life even, after learning that this is a game, players are roles, and that they cant know you... why to care ? :D Staaaayyyy !!

27 Sep 20 01:34

Secret Melody im staying,this is just for the haters to think they won :)

27 Sep 20 01:41
Extint Bleedem

tf noone is hating x)

27 Sep 20 02:03
Red Caterpillar

send golds to me when u leave

27 Sep 20 03:37

Good luck in RL o7

27 Sep 20 04:23

All the best. o7

27 Sep 20 04:26

Nice o7

27 Sep 20 06:03

Huraaa! At last!

27 Sep 20 09:53

good luck

27 Sep 20 13:07

You can donate me weapons, gold, food, houses everything you have Ill take care of it as long as you are out

27 Sep 20 14:09

Good luck in RL

27 Sep 20 20:11

Secret i still wait photo 🤣

28 Sep 20 02:37

I like your articles, particularly those where you share something about Iran and people of Iran ^^ It wont be the same without you if you go :)

28 Sep 20 02:43
Pumburi 53


28 Sep 20 03:46


28 Sep 20 04:08

Anyway no one knew you. good luck

28 Sep 20 06:21
adham erman

علمووووووووني اندمممم

28 Sep 20 07:14

Čauči ;)

28 Sep 20 07:33

After 6months u r leaving? This is not a sprint, its a marathon

28 Sep 20 10:12

Send me some Gold if you are leaving

28 Sep 20 14:01

S3nd me some everything you want. Happy RL. The game is booring ter