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The lively university town of Niš, Serbia’s third largest city, is a useful stopover point between Belgrade and Sofia or Skopje. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the Balkans, dating back to 279 BC. Constantine the Great, founder of Constantinople, was born here; his memorial can be found in the city center. Also in the city center are remains of an 18th century fortress built by the Turks. Gruesome, but unique to see, is Skull Tower built from the skulls of Serbians who were decapitated by the Ottomans. Southeast of the city is Niška Banja, a spa that is popular for its hot water springs which help treat rheumatic disorders.

9. Devils Town


Erosion is responsible for one of Serbia’s most majestic rock formations, Devil’s Town, which got its name from the strange rock shapes. Local legend says the rocks are members of a wedding party petrified by the devil Extremely acidic water, known as Djavolja voda, or devil’s water, which also contributed to this geologic phenomenon. Located in southern Serbia, Devil’s Town is composed of more than 200 unique rock formations that tower over the landscape, which is spread over two valleys on the slopes of Radan Mountain in southern Serbia. The pillars are a work in progress; they collapse and then leave room for new formations to grow.

8. Zlatar

The Zlatar Mountain Range, topped by the highest peak Golo brdo, is not a particularly well kept secret in Serbia, as locals flock here to enjoy all that the region has to offer. The area is full of meadows, lakes, and forests, and its elevation and fresh air have put it on the map as a kind of spa location for those looking to relax and commune with nature far away from the sprawling cities. During the colder months, those who enjoy winter sport can indulge in skiing on the many slopes accessible via a dedicated ski lift that provides stunning views over the lush valleys beneath. There are also three artificial lakes that offer opportunities for boating, rafting, and fishing, as well as a number of picturesque wooden churches and monasteries scattered around the countryside.

7. Golubac Castle


The medieval fortress of Golubac was built on top of a Roman fortress dating back to the 1st century AD, a residence used by Roman Emperor Diocletian. The current castle is from the 14th century and has an impressive ten towers protecting three compounds. It has seen plenty of action too – including wars between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary and later being ruled by Austrians and Bulgarians. It underwent significant restoration in 2005.

6. Novi Sad


Novi Sad is a pretty city on the banks of the Danube River, home to one of the river’s best beaches. A young city by European standards (it was founded in the late 17th century), Serbia’s second largest city sports a laid-back atmosphere, with people relaxing in the many parks. It’s most famous, perhaps, for its annual Exit music festival held in July at Petrovaradin, an old fortress that’s never been conquered. Notable buildings include the old town hall, located on the main square; Dvorac Dundjerski, a well-preserved old castle, and Church of the Great Martyr St. George, a Serbian orthodox church

5. Subotica


Subotica, the country’s fifth largest city, is one of the best places to visit in Serbia for at least a couple of reasons: It has the highest Catholic population and the most art nouveau buildings of anywhere else in the country. Of particular note are the city hall and the synagogue, both built in the early 1900s. But this city, which predates the Middle Ages, also is known for its older buildings, including the Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila, built in 1797. Cafes around the main square, home to city hall and its blue fountain, are a good place to relax, perhaps admiring purchases from Buvljak, one of the largest flea markets in Europe.

4. Sombor

Sombor is a town of true historical importance in the region, and in 1786 it was declared the administrative centre of the Bačka-Bodrog district. A tremendous assembly building was required, and by 1808 that house was completed. The facade was renovated in 1882, and it remains the most impressive building in a town full of the things.

3. Sremski Karlovci

It is important to avoid favourtism, but Sremski Karlovci’s position at the top of this list is no coincidence. The town, located just five miles (eight kilometres) from Novi Sad, was once the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Habsburg Monarchy, but its historical importance is just one of many reasons to visit.
The town is full of elegant and varied architecture, and seems packed with more points of interest than can fit within its borders. The very first Serbian gymnasium still stands here, and the Peace Chapel is unlike anything else seen in the region. The pace of life is borderline perfect as well – a sleepy town with just enough bustle to excite. The word “jewel” is vastly overused, but sometimes it just fits.

2. Uvac


You may have learned about meanders in geography classes when you were young, and the bends most likely will have been illustrated in a most dramatic fashion. Idyllic turquoise water flowing extravagantly between mountains, the river taking a contradictory course in a dreamlike canyon, like something out of a weird geography-themed dream.
This overly-flowery introduction barely does justice to the majesty of the Uvac canyon, the premier natural sight in Serbia today. The bends are in the 270 degree bracket at times, and the thrilling power of nature is rounded out by the appearance of vultures, lakes, eagles and caves. As far as natural sights in Serbia go, Uvac is the main event.

1. Stara Planina 

They do not call it Old for no reason, it is a wonderful world of peaks, waterfalls, canyons, gorges, caves and keeps secrets of many epochs. Old Mountain is so fascinating that, with numerous hiking or trekking trails, it is impossible to see and explore everything worth seeing and exploring within a month. Regardless of your choice hiking through gorgeous landscape or trekking routes you’ll certainly have opportunities for exploration, adventures, a lot of ascent and descents. You’ll end up with full hearth, many impressions, always wanting to get back to her, discovering and exploring something new.



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