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Long time ago there was one of most powerful military units in the game. They was known for organization, discipline, activity and team play. Name of that unit is still remembered as one of legendary units in this game. Their name is Adeptus Astartes aka Adeptus Overkillus or simple AA. As someone who created and led many good units I said there wont be any MU as AA was so that is why my new MU Panthers wasnt named after them. But!

What started as little project of Black Knight and me as they way to have few our friends to play with us become something bigger. Panthers was created and many joined us so today we have players from India, Greece, Bangladesh, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Croatia, Spain and Republika Srpska. But what impressed me the most was their sacrifice for the team, loyalty and love towards our MU. So I decided. They will become successors of legendary Adeptus and their name shall be

Black Templars

And today I announce recruitment for our beloved MU.



1) Must have at least 18k strength.

2) Must use English.

3) Must use discord.

4) Must be disciplined, democracy isnt in our vocabulary.

5) Must be decently active.

6) Must be decent human being, annoying and rude ppl will be rejected in instant.

7) Must join China.


Our rules:

1) You cant forget being team player, selfishness is forbidden.

2) Daily order is mandatory, If you want to shoot somewhere else for AC required number of hits allowed.

3) It is strictly forbidden to sell damage.

4) Obey officers orders.

5) Members of Black Templars are forbidden to participate in politics unless given special permission.

6) Activity, Respect and Discipline are the most important virtues in our military unit.

7) Member of Black Templars must respect others and always act with dignity.

Every violation of these rules will be sanctioned immediately and without any mercy.


All new members will get welcoming gift! Ahahahaha joking we dont have such a thing, ok i will be serious now.

1) Weekly AC supply: 700 q5 guns-1050 q5 tanks-1400 q5 airs-House Pack.

2) If you pass weekly quota of 3 OH-s attendance you will get additional 1k airs on your weekly supply.

3) All guns, tanks and airs on Organized Hits are free.

4) All guns, tanks and airs in case you are requested to tank are free (no limit).

5) After 2 months of loyal service and activity HQ will provide you any help you need to make org or upgrade existing one. I am not talking about loan gold will be provided as gift for your loyal service.


Contact for interview:

- Via in game message -

- Discord ID Shiroe#5286


No pity! No Remorse! No Fear!



Primarch of Black Templars:




LiveD666BrknSwordMajor TomMajor TomMajor TomMajor TomleitoleitoPRMrichPRMrichPRMrichPRMrichPRMrichPRMrichMemphisssImperatorThe Horny CaptainThe Horny CaptainThe Horny CaptainThe Horny CaptainThe Horny CaptainSimo HayhaSimo HayhaSimo HayhaPrayutsuPrayutsuNikitarasNikitaras

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17 Oct 20 00:31

Black Templars o7

17 Oct 20 00:43

Hail Black Templars!! o7

17 Oct 20 01:11

nice to see already several MU projects rising. Good luck.

17 Oct 20 03:35

Black Templars o7

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Nice o7

17 Oct 20 04:37
Trendo Brand

40k strikes back

17 Oct 20 06:31

we have players from India, Greece, Bangladesh, Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Croatia, Spain and Republika Srpska. LOL

17 Oct 20 07:49
Pingvinek Ura


17 Oct 20 07:52
The Horny Captain

Hail Black Templars!! o7

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Simo Hayha

Hail Black Templars!! o7

17 Oct 20 08:48

Black Templars o7

17 Oct 20 12:45
Ace economist

good luck

17 Oct 20 13:51

Good job!

17 Oct 20 15:05

who is from republika srpska , that is bosnia idk what u speak

17 Oct 20 15:05

not true

18 Oct 20 01:07

Hail Black Templars o7

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Hail Black Templars!! o7