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eDom needs design update, lets start with front page |

Published in Lithuania - Social interactions and entertainment - 13 - 22 Oct 20 09:28

Greetings, dear readers!
As the excitement around the game has died down a bit in comparison to April or May of this year, after few baby-boom attempts, which I suspect have not really paid off, considering that amount of players online is constantly hovering around 400-500(a step backwards from April/May), I have spent some time to think about how could administration make this game more appealing to potential third party players, who have not fled other similar projects.
The one of the biggest issue, in my opinion, currently is the outdated graphics design of the game. It could be described as very 2000s-ish at best, and even players, who have played this game for years, are not too fond of it. There is so much that needs to be cleaned in this design, that I can only hope I will be able to write everything before this article gets too long.
1. The first thing that has to be done, is getting rid of this stupid “Collate” button. No one uses it on desktop, and on mobile it makes the game feel jerky. On
desktop, no one will ever notice the removal of it, but for mobile, this must be removed immediately and replaced with the more solid looking version of
having module with main profile information(gold, cc, energy) + menu buttons. This is a must, I have no idea why such solution was ever implemented.
2. These buttons must be optimized. The main menu should not have more buttons than on a freaking piano. My suggestion would be removing all of the subcategories, and making the navigation icon based. For example, you open main category, and from there you can navigate towards storage, companies etc. etc.
2.1.Companies layout should be improved, and full list of companies should not be default option. In my opinion, much better option would be to group companies by Quality, and if you want to do something at certain company, you just click on the group and do what you intended to do. No one wants to scroll through 200 companies to find the Q2 food company you wanted to upgrade.
2.2.Workout area and Ability should be under the same umbrella, because they basically are the same things. And Change ability token should be removed from Missions and put under this section.
2.3.Storage is self explanatory, but Strategic buildings should be put here. To be fair, Improved buildings could also be moved to Storage. There is no need for Field hospitals to be visible, since they are permanent/non-refundable/unsellable. Building kit or activating house in storage makes quite much sense, if you want to clean design from as many unnecessary pages as possible. Heck, we can go forward and move Crates, Collectors and My Productions here! The cleaner the design, the better! Collectors, in my opinion, are feature that only makes sense on the frontpage, since its purpose is to keep your attention on the page you want attention to go. Putting it in empty and separate page does not make any sense, but ok, for this time lets just consolidate every unnecessary feature together.
2.4 Quests should not be a separate category, and they should be done via pop-ups. Quest appears, you accept it, the pop-up stays on the bottom left corner of your screen until you finish it or fail. I could make a bet that there are at least 10 players who have even forgot about quests, since they have failed one and never really bothered to look into quest page.
2.5.Business Center. It should be really done more as a center than a phonebook which includes addresses to various centers. Putting all of these “Marketplaces” in one page makes so much sense and is not difficult.
2.6. Community should be as important of category as Battles(only page not really needing an overhaul). Remaking this category should go hand in hand with few gameplay improvements. This category deserves an article by itself. Just one thing that I thought I would never say – one pop-up message should be added there. Game SHOULD double check if you really want to delete the article, since that button can be pressed quite easily by accident.
2.7. Amazingly, Store page also requires some work. There is no such thing as “pach”, please correct the spelling error. Instant strength packs should also be removed if you have bought them, at least if the purchasable strength is below your actual strength. Avatar frames as an option should be removed immediately, seeing such cheezy early 2000s thing like that basically makes you feel like your next click will open a pop-up ad promoting potency enhancing medicine.
2.8. Wikipedia should be totally redone. There could be link to the full article on the bottom, but the article method looks cheap. I believe that certain Wikipedia topics should be moved to categories they intend to explain, and should be activated by pressing a Wiki or Question mark icon. Again, this issue also could be a standalone article, so I am not going in too much detail here, but I believe that you get the point.
3.Missions. This section should appear only during certain events when there are missions for players to complete. It should not be used as a place to dump things that feels like does not belong anywhere else. Crates can be moved to Storage(and opening them should not feel like starting a computer in 1995), disasters can be moved to TOP bonus country page as a side icon, there is no reason why Ability token should be put in missions section. Missions asking to invite friends feels like a pyramid scheme,  they should not be missions that permanently appear  on your main screen, but rather be put into Gold Bonus page where referrals and referral gold is as reward tier or something like that. Weekly challenge should be put in visible place, but not under Missions, that category should be reserved for special occasions, also the X icon for Weekly Challenge is clearly from 1995. Dice roll should not be a mechanic. It is purely a daily reward for logging in. Make it a one time only daily feature that you get as pop up first time you log in(and it stays on the bottom left if you do not use it the first time), or put it somewhere else.
4. Just no. Awfully designed permanent promo. Besides, the double XP is not really a bonus, but rather a liability if you aim to maximize Eagle medal gold with your lower level XP points.
5. At least make the image sizes the same height. Personally I don’t really have any issue with anything that is being put there at the moment, since that is the most important place of the screen, and there is nothing to really substitute that content with.
6. Medal alerts should be replaced with admin announcements and notifications, or anything that admin writes to be more exact, so that Discord contests etc. do not slide unnoticed by most.
While I agree that content the game offers is much more important than design, the importance of it cannot be ignored. The looks of the game is what first time visitor sees, and it is quite important factor when determining if he will log in for the second time and beyond. This is just cleaning the front page, there is obviously so much work that could and should be done not only design wise, but regarding mechanics also.
Best regards.


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B o i k o V

1st sub!

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better you didnt see the design 1 year ago it was from 90s

22 Oct 20 11:39

Valuk, I registered here basically in day one. I saw that, and I am glad that I already forgot it. But the issue is not only how neat does the buttons look, but also having clean UI, which is not only friendly to those, who have played numerous similar games in the span of 10 or more years, but to those who register for the first time.

22 Oct 20 14:24

Agree with all the points.

22 Oct 20 14:35

V + S Subscribe my newspaper

23 Oct 20 02:24

Thank you for your positive feedback. This helps us to understand where are the bad parts we can improve more. To do so, we need someone can tell us the parts objectively. We will be working on it.

23 Oct 20 11:25
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Finally someone said it..

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