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Published in China - Financial analysis - 20 - 24 Oct 20 00:40

Dear friends,
I made this article to give my vision of how Chinas economy changes since I arrived in this country in June, until today. We will analyse step by step, and probably, the different projects we made, the one we keep making and possible our future projects. In relation to the future, we have a surprise, and this article we will show to everyone.

Before I start, I am proud and I need to give my thanks to the few people who let me take part in this project, trusted me since the first day, without knowing me, gave all their support, and since that day, I never stop working and thinking on new ideas.

I could mention one by one, but I must give thanks to all Black Templars family, specially to Israel, the one who made me come here, my Emperor, Lord Shiroe, and ofc to Nikitaras, all nights with me talking and helping on this ideas.
PS: Will be a long article with plenty of work,I recommend reading it, anyways the “surprise” is at the end of this article.

Like I mentioned before, I arrived in China in June, recently had a big war vs Sweden and we lost all our bonus, also China people were leaving our country, for a few problems with admin.
At this moment, the China market was inactive and hard to make it move, then we started thinking of a project that would make us be part of this “economic game”, we made a Market project and we established the best market. I feel proud of having done this. This project stills keeps active today but now, its not on my hand, is my friend Tsing Shi Tao who keeps it active, so thanks for it!!. 

Thanks to this project we passed from 200-300 cc done to 800cc. 


https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/500064515296198656/769314918662668288/divider2.pngAfter one positive idea, we failed  in others. 
We tried to get people to come to our chinas market by supporting a part of their production, but we compare and it was not profitable for any of us. So we decide to cancel it. We tried to make the gold market useful, but we could not do it. So we keep working and find new ways to do this.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/500064515296198656/769314918662668288/divider2.pngRecently, in order to know how Chinas economy was going, I made a comparison with 7 more countries, I chose Colombia, Sweden, Chile, Bulgaria, Spain, Serbia, Indo and of course, China. 
I studied all the taxes we got in 1 day, and I got a big surprise.

In that moment, China was the country, and we keep like that, with less population 40. 
We got 5th of 8th on manager tax, with a 108% less than the best one, Colombia.

I also looked at work tax, China was 6th of 8th. Again the best one was Colombia. I start getting mad and I start feeling like I was not doing a great job. Colombia got 965% more than us in work tax!!

After that, I compared the market, and we got a better spot. China was the 2nd with a better market, and again just behind Colombia. Colombia on that day got an amazing quantity of 3250 cc, while China just got 800 cc. That means 302% better than us.

I was upset by my work, I checked the total,  and China was at the same spot as Sweden with a full bonus, 4-5 th in the list. 
Chile, Bulgaria and Indo were behind at the end. Spain just has a 4% bigger economy than us. Serbia has a 65% better economy than us and Colombia, the big winner got, an amazing 216% better than us.

Which was my surprise?
The difference was the population we got.

How can I know?

I decided to divide total tax income/ pop and results change a bit. China got 73 cc per citizen, while the biggest one, Colombia got 67.5, this both countries “give” to their citizens more than 30 cc of difference than other countries.

So China was competing, not at the same level but yes in statistics.

So chinese citizens feel proud of our work, because we are making really good work. 


China, as you see, has been improving his economy step by step, always doing in an internal way, between our citizens and government.

Today, after establishing a good internal market, we decided to move forward. We understand that China cant be alone in this economical step, so we decide to start a new project. This new project needs your help, yes yours. 

China opens borders to all people who want to work here.

What do you get as profit? May you ask…

Easy, we will have full bonus soon, so you will get the best production.

Why should I work in China, and not in other countries with the same bonus?

China will start a new economic policy of tax refund, for everyone who works here.

We will give 60% of tax refund, if you work all days of the week in China, we will give 70% of tax refund. So feel free to come to China.

How can I participate?

Just fill this form, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1z_Fv_AR7KgzA2YNQdf0Oug4Gu7rXj23EpSK01wnx6vQ/viewform?edit_requested=true, and every Monday,  the Governor will give back the tax.

If you have any doubt contact China Governor Fekun, ID on Discord: Ale10Mig4#7500.


Dont let people tell you, come and participate in it!!



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Extint Bleedem

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Signed by China Governor, Fekun.

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Good article !

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China stronk! China Asian Tiger! Hail Black Templars!

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