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As Winston Churchill said: 

Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but heroes fight like Greeks.

It has been two years since the beginning of World War II and there seemed to be no significant threat to the Axis powers. After the early successes of the war most of the continental areas of Europe secured, the only actual threat for Nazi Germany remained the UK and the neutral until then Soviet Union, mostly because of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact (NAP) which the two countries signed a year earlier in August 1939. With the mainland of Europe secured, the Axis powers continued the war against Great Britain in North Africa, pushing the British troops back to Egypt. Until that moment, the Axis powers had never been pushed back nor defeated, and that was about to change. 

Fascist Italy made plans to invade Greece through occupied Albania. After numerous and unholy provocations, Italy decided to declare war on Greece by demanding the surrender of the country until 6 a.m. of 28th October 1940. The Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas rejected the ultimatum by saying So we have war. The Greek press transferred the news of the rejection in the ultimatum and the Greeks with one word said OXI. The people celebrated the news of war and thousands of men join the army in order to defend the country.

At the beginning of the war, the Italian forces made some progress into Greek land, however the determination of the Greek army was a decisive factor in the course of the war. The Greek forces stopped the advancing enemy troops and after a successful defense, the General Staff ordered a General Counter-offensive, which led the Greek forces to advance 30 to 80 kilometers deep into Albanian territory.  

At the same time, Nazi Germany made plans to invade the Soviet Union, but after the humiliating defeat of Italy, left them no choice but to help its ally and secure the flanks. In order to do that the invasion on Soviet Union had to be postponed. In 6th April 1941, the German assault began against Greece from the Bulgarian borders. The Greek fortress of Roupel in Macedonia-Thrace regions,, well known as METAXAS LINE, undertook the defense of the borders. For three days the German faced heavy losses and only a few fortress have been captured. However, despite the heroic Greek defense the Nazi forces broke through, after the defeat of Yugoslavia, which left the way to Thessaloniki open and the encirclement of the greek forces was imminent. After that there werent a significant forces to stop the invaders and the continental regions of Greece fell a few weeks later.


The last stand of Greek forces took place on the island of Crete. Although, the Battle of Crete ended with the fall of the island, the importance of the battle was crucial to the outcome of the World War. The German paratroopers suffered heavy losses, which made it impossible to use them against Soviet Union or anywhere else throughout the entire war.

The small Greece showed that the invincible until then Axis powers can be defeated!


Happy Anniversary of NO - OXI Greece 



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Extint Bleedem


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Hail 28th October 1940

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Pingvinek Ura

We learned nothing about it. We learned that the Italian Army was shit as always, and then the Germans went help them and went through everything. Thats it.

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voted o7

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Winston Hope Smith

No pasarán! (or what ever the Greek equivalent is)

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Some people back then fought and lost their lives in order for us today to be free! Today we should all be reminded of their sacrifise and never forget them!

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Sun Zu


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We learned that the Italian Army was shit as always?? The person that told u was on drugs?? 80mil against 10 mil!!! You forgot that the Romans had an empire!!!

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Greeks even sacrificed so that the British Allied forces could evacuate southern Greece. Note that: They knew they were losing yet they delayed the Germans from reaching southern greece as much as they could. Respect

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Lord Shiroe

For the glory of Hellas !

28 Oct 20 08:42

We sacrficed for British Empary

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800.000 casualties (civilians and soldiers) out of a population of 7mil! The price we paid for Honor and Freedom was never low in our history!