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Tutorial for new players |

Published in Slovenia - First steps in eDominations - 5 - 03 May 17 13:39


Here is a guide for all begginers and new players. It will help you with
your first steps into the game and show you what to do to succeed most
in the game.
Lets start with the check-up of home page

Here you can chat with other players. (All chat - a chat where all the players of the game can acces and write; Slovenia - chat for citizens of
your country - Slovenia in my case; My military unit - chat for
members of your military unit; Market - Chat where you can post offers,
every player in the game will see your post)

Daily assignments: this massage warns you to train and work each day and get your daily rewards.

Daily orders: Those are set by leader of your military unit. It tells you where to fight (either for your country or your allys). After
completing the order, you get a reward.

Section for wars shows you some of active battles around the edominations world. To aces a list of all current battles click button

Under the section for wars, you can find various newspapers written by other players of the game. Anyone can write their own articles about in game experiences, analyses, guides for economy, wars and so on.

On the top of the page, you can acces diferent options like massaging, notifications, date and time.

Here you can see your name, profile picture (avatar), your current Gold and local currency (depending which country you are citizen of), your
energy, experience level and experience points. By clicking on profile
picture you can acces profile overview where you can see your medals,
strength, rank, progress in damage for your country (patriot damage)
and damage for allys, list of friends.

Menu underneath shows you extra options in game. Some menus also have submenus.

By clicking on My buildings button you acces your Companies (here you can manage your factorys, hire workers and build new factorys, upgrade or downgrade them), Workout area (here you can train and gain more strength that helps you make higher damage in battles. For every 250 strength points, you get a medal Super soldier and 5 gold. Your training ground can be upgraded 3 times and with each upgrade you can gain more strength per day), storage (here you find all your products like food, weapons, houses, energy drinks and raw materials for products. Here you also have option to add products on market and earn some money) and improved buildings (where you can activate your houses and max out your maximum energy that you cancollect per day. Strategic buildings (buildings to make rockets and energy kits).

If you click on battles fold, youll open site Military campaigns, where you see all active battles and rebel wars.

Comunity menu - Country overview (here you can see more information about your country and other countries), Military Unit (here you can join a military unit and if you are already a member of one, you get more information about it, other members, captains and comander), Party page (you can join a political party in your country and candidate for a congressman for upcoming elections), Journalism (establish new newspaper, edit it and write articles), Elections (statistics about former elections), Rankings (here you can see players, political partys, newspapers, countrys and statistics of military units in your/other countrys) and World Map (a map of e-world).

By clicking on Store fold, you open site where you can buy Gold, find your own referral link and buy some special products.

You find invited players under store fold on marked square.

Under Store fold, you find missions. Those are easy way to progres in game faster, because you get gret rewards by completing them.

Open Workout area in My buildings --- Workout area menu. Youll open new page that looks like this:

V+S Pleas


Zheng Ying

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03 May 17 14:50
Boris Bizetic

Good job o/

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04 May 17 06:24

94 /// 13V

04 May 17 06:28

Madona mas zlata ..... :)

04 May 17 20:22
Zheng Ying

low key vivre lempereur