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Published in Chile - First steps in eDominations - 6 - 26 Apr 17 15:05

Hello! welcome to my newspaper!!

Ill try to give some usefull advices. This newspaper will give you information about education, economics, and politics.

This is my first day, and in my opinion there is no info about a lot of things, but we can improve our game experience giving our knowledge.

First of all, you have three sections on the left:
1.- Your profile.
2.- Some usefull info.
3.- Menu.

1.- Your profile:


Your profile contains 4 options:
a) The access to your profile: where you can change your info.
b) The settings: where you can change your citizen info.
c) Messages: its explained by itself.
d) Logout: To leave edominations.

2.- Some usefull info.


It Containts:
a) Your country: The country where you are right now.
b) How much gold do you have.*
c) How much country currency you have.*
d) The experience bar.

*Gold and currency will be explained on another article.

3.- Menu


a) My buildings: Here you can work, train and see your storage.
b) Battles: Here you can fight in order to achieve missions, gain experience and your Military Unit reward.
c) Bussiness Center: Some characteristics are not available until level 15 but here you can sell and buy goods, currencies, gold and companies.
d) Community: here you can interact with people of your country and around the world. There are some usefull staff like rankings, world map and elections.

This is the basics of this game, in the next articles Ill explain everything in a deeper way.
I made this in a TL;DR way expecting everyone read it.

Vote and sub and youll see more usefull info!

I still dont know how to add images (it always says: the entered data is invalid), so Ill add them later.

Feel free to ask and suggest changes! 


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26 Apr 17 15:07

sub 1 https://www.edominations.com/sr/newspaper/295 V+S

26 Apr 17 15:17
Tyrion Lannister

V+S it s nice to learn from experiences of other players.

26 Apr 17 17:12


26 Apr 17 21:09

https://www.edominations.com/es/profile/4156 o7

27 Apr 17 00:30


27 Apr 17 19:12