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Dear citizens,

Welcome to another Admin News, we have a lot of interesting news to share with you about the latest happenings on eDominations!

In this article you will find about the record breaking battle between Albania and Greece, 4th Anniversary of eDominations, Captcha and other updates.

First of all lets start with the EPIC record breaking battle which took place at Epirus and Thessaly between Albania and Greece. Over 11.700.000 hits were casted in the battlefield during this campaign leaving behind all previous record breaking battles!

The battle was breath taking and most of eDominations citizens participated in this legendary fight until the last second. We are proud to see our citizens fighting with such passion, creating an excellent environment for new citizens to register and enjoy the game along them!

We rewarded both Albania and Greece for their amazing efforts with Gold to express our gratitude for their performance and organization, we are glad to see such battles to take place in our game. 5.000 5.000

4th Anniversary of eDominations :

Citizens are the power of this eWorld called eDominations and we have many reasons to celebrate the 4 years anniversary of our game! As always we can not thank you enough for being here with us all these years, starting eDay 1460 our game will be 4 years old! As every celebration should be, there will be rewards for all our citizens to enjoy. Make sure you wont miss it!

At this point we would like to remind you to follow our social media pages as we post exclusive content there and of course we create giveaways which you can participate in and you might be one of the winners. Our latest giveaway regarding the 100.000 registers in the game was completed with big success, we are truly grateful for your positive response!

New Military Ranks :

As our citizens constantly fight to dominate in our eWorld the need for new military ranks has risen! Many of our citizens have already reached the Edominator rank with their hard efforts and earned the Honorary Badge of eDominations, now it is time to present you the new military ranks! With no further delay allow us to present you the Skull Breaker military ranks.聽Skull Breaker聽Skull Breaker*聽Skull Breaker**

Captcha Update :

We have added a new way to prevent automated activity coming from third party software in our game, you will be asked to solve captcha in order to access our game and some of the features. Before you log in and start fighting you must interact with the captcha to prove you are a human and not bot (or any kind of automated software). Keep in mind you might be required to solve the captcha multiple times if you are fighting for a long time in the battlefield.

Performance Upgrades :

As you have noticed due to increased activity and huge participation in the battlefield we had to apply a few maintenance sessions to make sure the stability and performance of the server in overall. We managed to maintain the quality of the server and even upgrade it to make sure we will not face any huge load which would impact negatively your experience while fighting in eDominations!

We always standby to react in real time when necessary to prevent any problems for you to enjoy the game with no troubles at all! With our latest updates we managed to achieve a stable,efficient environment so you can plan the strategy of your country and world map movements with no distractions performance wise.

Reminder for Events :

Do not forget that Baby Boom event will be available until eDay 1.444 23:59 game time, thus citizens invited via referral until that time (since start of the event) and fulfill the requirements to get validated will count properly for you to increase your points in the leaderboard and be one of the winners!

Boom Boom Challenge event will be available including eDay 1.446 for you to redeem in the event store your points and claim the loot you desire. As always the TOP 3 citizens of the event will be awarded with the special decoration in their profile.

Other Updates :

- A new update arrived for the latest wiped country feature as folllowing :

If you are wiped, you can not declare war 5 days and any other countries can not declare war to you for 2 days.

- Global update聽

Removed the citizenship change damage penalty reduction entirely.

- Upcoming update (we will inform you when those become LIVE) :

New Event on the way to be completed, you will be assigned with some tasks to complete in a weekly basis to claim a box including a variety of possible rewards.

Conclusion :

The community keeps growing and the game is developed further constantly. Surely day by day we will upgrade everything according to our plans and the wish of the community.

We appreciate your support, especially those who invite more people to play the game and help us in every possible way to expand our resources and provide more content to you!

Thanks for support!


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Comments (38)

06 Apr 21 04:35

Thanks o7

06 Apr 21 04:40
Eddie A

I had to solve Capcha to most this comment. It took lot of effort. D:

06 Apr 21 04:42


06 Apr 21 04:44

Remove login captcha , add work+train+energy fill captcha please.

06 Apr 21 04:44

anything else 馃

06 Apr 21 04:46

Remove all captcha... add captcah for turkey

06 Apr 21 05:03

I finnaly solve captcha for this comment but i forgot what i want to write

06 Apr 21 05:12

Update spanish, manada de salvajes herejes..

06 Apr 21 05:14
Yuri Ayato

@admina gibbe mkd and srb 2k gold too pl0x

06 Apr 21 05:32
Judy Alvarez

I m no pro. But captcha needs some adjustments. Like for log-in in my opinion we don t need. Also i think its a pain in the booty.for for potential new players. In the battle something like a hourly-or maybe every half hour captcha..? That would be perfect I m sure you will find a way to implement a balanced and optimized thingy for it. As i see It motivates a lot of players against hardcore third party users from the past. Thank you!

06 Apr 21 05:35
Ozzy Osbourne

okay, but what is the logic to reward the 2 countries that already have the power to make big battles? raise the gap between them and other countries? makes no sense

06 Apr 21 05:53

Good job o/

06 Apr 21 06:11
Trendo Brand

Login captcha is overkill true, we log to just train and fight anyway xd Captcha on train fight should be sufficient. The concern is about alleged tanks using s, so the goal is to deny them AC farming and q5 booster tanking. I suggest captcha on start of battle, and another captcha that activates 25min after you use a q5 booster. Thats is enough balance between captcha lovers and captcha haters imo. Maybe another captcha that activates 5min after you use a q3 booster to prevent alleged ed OHs as well, idk.

06 Apr 21 06:52
Deadly Emperor


06 Apr 21 06:56

Good job adm. Keep the good work!

06 Apr 21 07:07


06 Apr 21 07:26
whisky warrior

This captcha is so annoying... captcha for log in is really epic. Every fight - captcha... when did you implement something that makes game more playable? Why do we have to click click click click click to work, train, ability, adrenalines, my productions... why isnt that on the same page? why do i have to solve captcha when i have 2 minutes left in the battle? And you know it is pain in the ass if you are doing it over mobile? Why do i have to select weapons again if i forgot to enter captcha before i select it? Why so many useless clicks? Make something for gameplay, adding captcha maybe prevents some from using s c r i p t s, but it also give us bad bad bad gameplay. Make some things easier if you made our e-life more complicated with this captcha all over the game

06 Apr 21 07:45
Better look around

remove captcha is uselesss

06 Apr 21 07:54


06 Apr 21 08:26

Viva LA Captcha

06 Apr 21 08:31

add deploy

06 Apr 21 08:46
Kocka iacta est

I get it u want to do something to prevent use of third party software aka b o T s, but this is ridiculous. I need to solve couple of captchas before login, another couple before hitting ff, dont get me stared on this system when tanking.... Its so annoying that Ill probably just empty my accs and quit. So, good job admin.

06 Apr 21 09:12

Chile hates this update haha :D

06 Apr 21 12:06
Pablo David Costa

Excellente performance, Usted ha sido qui茅n conmovi贸 mi inspiraci贸n y mi relato, acerca de mis publicaciones, en la determinaci贸n de pruebas y suficiencia ergon贸mica y pretensiones militares, respecto de comunicaciones y telegraf铆as.

06 Apr 21 13:13
Mason k

Double production is 7 days , Why should we wait till 16th month ? Open borders 8-16

06 Apr 21 18:01


06 Apr 21 20:47

Remove any captcha!!! It is annoying.

07 Apr 21 00:00

Estoy de acuerdo con el premio a Albania y Grecia, fue una batalla mas que 茅pica, aunque me gustaria la idea de premiar a los paises aliados dentro del top, eso es mas inslusivo para todos, todos dimos todo por esa y otras batallas. Sobre el captcha te hace perder tiempo en ocasiones en las cuales el tiempo y la pegada son vitales pero esta bien. HAIL GRECIA-albania y espero que sea una buena celebraci贸n de aniversario GG.

07 Apr 21 00:23


07 Apr 21 01:12

The more captchas are introduced, the less Im motivated to play. Simple as that. First the captcha to fight, then to login, and more are coming (when fighting long in the battle)? It starts to resemble more to that other game, and not in a good way - we have annoying captchas there. Add captcha for work+train? That would mean more clicks and more effort for even basic tasks, which is just the opposite of fun, and one of the things that might just be the last straw I need to log out for good.

07 Apr 21 02:50

I love captcha, becous I use only my mighty fingers... Hail Albania

07 Apr 21 09:10


07 Apr 21 10:48

Captcha KK

07 Apr 21 11:40

Isnt a bit dumb to use captcha in android app? I mean, I havent heard of app s c r I P T s

07 Apr 21 20:30

could you please add captcha to vote comments as well?? xD

07 Apr 21 23:45
Warlock Merlin


08 Apr 21 00:30


08 Apr 21 03:33
the player